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      By migdol
      8:30PM - Jun 27, 2014
      Welcome to this week’s CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and present to you their greatest posts. Summer is here and the CCS pro team is taking full advantage! Mike Mo... Read More
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      Dropping Tomorrow: Koston SE Animal Prints by Nike SB
      2:50PM - Jun 27, 2014
      Looks like Nike SB has gotten some animalistic inspirations for their latest rendition of the Koston SE skate kick. Dropping tomorrow at the CCS Shop, you’ll be able to get your paws on a pair of the Koston SE featuring a cheetah-like print... Read More
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      GSD NYC 2014 | VIDEO RECAP
      By migdol
      6:35PM - Jun 26, 2014
      GO SKATEBOARDING DAY NYC 2014 is officially a wrap and in case you missed the photo gallery recap post from Tuesday, here we have a full video recap of all that went down on June 21st. Kicking off at the LES Park under the Manhattan Bridge with a... Read More
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      Just Dropped: AV Classic by Vans
      3:29PM - Jun 26, 2014
      Vans pro skater Anthony Van Engelen has recently designed his latest pro model shoe, the AV Classic, specifically to meet his own personal skate needs, and it's now in the CCS Shop. With durability, comfort, and grip in mind, AVE utilized Vans Pro... Read More
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      Shop Drop: Emerica x Bro Style Romero Laced
      7:00PM - Jun 25, 2014
      Emerica and Bro Style have ganged up on Leo Romero’s pro model kick, the Laced, and given it a new look featuring the Bro’s signature Thumbs Up logo. Coming in two colorways- blue/white and grey/white- this Laced features a Thumbs Up... Read More
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      GSD NYC 2014 | PHOTO RECAP
      By migdol
      8:53PM - Jun 24, 2014
      A whole other universe exists underneath NYC. Lurking beneath the concrete canyons that make up NYC’s 5 boroughs lie miles and miles of underground tunnels. How many New Yorkers are aware of this underground universe as they trot off to work... Read More
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      Just Dropped: Arbor Longboards
      3:13PM - Jun 24, 2014
      We got a fresh new drop in the CCS Shop of longboards from the dudes over at the Arbor Collective. For the thrillseekers out there who are down for speed, look no further than the handmade, quality woodcraft decks from Arbor. Arbor completes come... Read More
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      Dog Day Deals!
      6:32PM - Jun 23, 2014
      As the temperature heats up out there, we got some gear in the CCS Shop to help you power through these Dog Days of Summer. Whether you’re braving the hot sun and getting your skate on, or just loungin’ and trying to beat the heat, we... Read More
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      By migdol
      9:19PM - Jun 20, 2014
      Welcome to this week’s CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and present to you their greatest posts. The CCS Pro team has been doing work! And we have the photos to prove it.... Read More
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      Go Skateboarding Day Essentials
      5:36PM - Jun 20, 2014
      Tomorrow marks the tenth annual Go Skateboarding Day. For most skaters, everyday is “go skateboarding day,” but with this officially recognized day you got an excuse to get out of any responsibility that might otherwise keep you from... Read More
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      10th Annual Go Skateboarding Day NYC
      By migdol
      7:40PM - Jun 19, 2014
      It’s that time of year again. That’s right, Go Skateboarding Day is just around the corner, and if you want all the best tricks and treats you’ll get yourself to NYC this Saturday for the 10th annual Go Skate Day event. CCS will... Read More
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      P. Rod 8 from Nike SB Drops 6/21
      3:44PM - Jun 19, 2014
      The first pro skater to get a shoe on Nike SB is about to drop his 8th signature silhouette with the Swoosh. Drawing inspiration from the Air Jordan 1, a classic kick from his youth, Paul Rodriguez’s latest skate shoe features basketball... Read More
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      Shop Drop: Gear from Girl
      2:54PM - Jun 18, 2014
      Today’s drop in the CCS Shop comes straight from the fellas at the Art Dump, and in the form of some new Girl gear. Check out all the short and long sleeve tees and bucket hats with those dope Dump designs. Let ‘em have it with the... Read More
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      Exclusive Interview | KENNY HOYLE
      By migdol
      10:27PM - Jun 17, 2014
      Expedition-One's Kenny Hoyle may just be the Larry Bird of skateboarding. While others try to throw down windmills for the camera, Kenny is content to post up downtown and sink threes; and three always beats two. We sat down with him for a post... Read More
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      Limited Edition Nike SB "Laser Crimson" Dropping 6/19
      3:49PM - Jun 17, 2014
      There’s a dope new Limited Edition Nike SB dropping this Thursday, 6/19, at the CCS Shop for you to add to your summer kick collection. The latest to get the “Laser Crimson” treatment is the classic SB Dunk Low Pro, which... Read More
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      Just Dropped: V/SUAL Apparel
      8:58PM - Jun 16, 2014
      Van Styles is an L.A. based photographer who has shot everything from skate photos to spreads for all your favorite streetwear brands. Now he’s taken his images from the pages of magazines and lookbooks and put them on tees and tanks and has... Read More
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      CCS EXCLUSIVE: Primitive Tie Dye Pack
      10:16PM - Jun 13, 2014
      Just in time for the weekend we got an exclusive drop in the CCS Shop from the dudes at Primitive Apparel. P. Rod and his crew at Primitive put together a dope new Tie Dye pack, consisting a grip of tees featuring Primitive logos in tie dye... Read More
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      By migdol
      7:03PM - Jun 13, 2014
      Welcome this week’s CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and present to you their greatest posts. It’s been a solid week in cyberspace for the CCS Pro Team! Nyjah jumps down... Read More
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      The Great Debate | HD vs. SD
      By migdol
      8:46PM - Jun 12, 2014
      There might be no greater debate in skateboarding than the one that is raging over HD verses standard definition footage. With skateboarding’s flagship camera, the VX1000, being used less and less, certain connoisseurs of skateboarding are... Read More
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