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      By migdol
      7:20PM - Apr 23, 2014
      The Nollie Full Cab is perhaps one of the nicest looking tricks in any skater’s arsenal. The Cab or Caballerial is named after Steve Caballero the inventor of the trick. The nollie full cab is easy on the eyes no matter what the terrain: on... Read More
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      Dropping Saturday: Hacky Sack Dunk Low
      4:09PM - Apr 23, 2014
      By the looks of it, heads are getting a kick out of the Hacky Sack Pack. Nike SB has taken notice of the response to the Janoski and Project BA drops from last weekend and applied the popular multi-colored pattern to the Dunk Low. In addition to... Read More
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      By migdol
      6:29PM - Apr 22, 2014
      It’s time another fine installment of THE HOT SEAT here at the CCS corner. This time we’ve grabbed DGK technician and street killer Marquise Henry. Find out what the man who has one of the cleanest styles in the business bumps in his... Read More
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      Shop Drop: BakerBoys
      4:38PM - Apr 22, 2014
      In between dropping hammers and hijinx, the fellas at BakerBoys took some time to develop some dope new product, which has just dropped in the CCS Shop. Check out the new hats and tees and decks by Baker and Deathwish, as well as the fresh new... Read More
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      Get Set Up With Kenny Hoyle
      3:44AM - Apr 21, 2014
      We’re setting this week off with a quick video of Kenny Hoyle as he breaks down his set-up for your viewing pleasure. Being a street technician, Kenny skates an Expedition deck that’s just under 8 inches, Gold wheels at 50mm, and he... Read More
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      Burnin' Footy | Anthony Vega
      By Marto
      4:43PM - Apr 20, 2014
      CCS AM Project Rider Anthony Vega has been stacking so much footy lately so for 4/20 we've decided to burn some of it. If this is throwaway then imagine what his part in the upcoming video"LIVIN" is going to be like...Happy 4/20! Edited by Ryan... Read More
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      By migdol
      6:11PM - Apr 18, 2014
      Lakai’s Vincent ALvarez is one of the be nicest most down to earth dudes you will ever meet, but don’t let his even-keeled demeanor confuse you. Vincent’s style on a skateboard is spontaneous, fast, loose and on the edge. We... Read More
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      Now Available: Nike SB Desert Camo & Hacky Sack Packs
      4:02PM - Apr 18, 2014
      We got a big drop in the Shop by Nike SB featuring two new styles on three of your favorite kicks. First up is the “Desert Camo” Pack, which includes a Stefan Janoski and a Blazer; the former appearing in a lighter shade, while the... Read More
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      4/20 Collection: HUF, LRG, & Rook
      11:15PM - Apr 17, 2014
      In a continuation of this week’s upcoming 4/20 celebration, we have lots more festivus gear coming this Sunday from HUF, Rook, and LRG. From top to bottom, you’ll be rockin’ and reppin’ the plant-life with tees, tanks,... Read More
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      3:22PM - Apr 17, 2014
      CCS Proudly Welcomes Chima Ferguson To The Pro Team! Already a legend at a young age Chima has long been a CCS staff favorite for his seemingly effortless style skating some of the biggest stairs and gaps. Splitting his time between California... Read More
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      By migdol
      7:43PM - Apr 16, 2014
      Lakai Pro Marc Johnson earned his place in the upper echelons of skateboarding’s hierarchy with a mix of nimble footed tech lines, ledge mastery and a legendary style. From the early Maple days to his current legend status on Chocolate, MJ... Read More
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      Dropping 4/20: Diamond & Lakai 420 Kicks
      3:12PM - Apr 16, 2014
      In a nod of sorts to the plant-life, the dudes at the Diamond Supply Co. and the fellas at Lakai are both releasing a couple of kicks featuring some leafy-type patterns on April 20th. Set on the silhouettes of the Diamond Brilliant Low, and... Read More
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      Exclusive Interview | RILEY HAWK
      By migdol
      8:15PM - Apr 15, 2014
      From the outset it may appear that Tony Hawk’s son Riley has had his path to professional skate stardom paved with gold. Nothing could be further from the truth, the fact is, the Lakai pro has made it on his own. Aside from his impeccable... Read More
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      Lakai Cambi x Earl Sweatshirt
      3:17PM - Apr 15, 2014
      Today’s drop in the CCS Shop comes from the streets to the stage, and back again. Lakai has teamed up with Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future fame, and longtime friend of Lakai team rider Nakel Smith, to put a new twist on Earl’s favorite... Read More
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      Nike SB Desert Camo Pack Dropping 4/19
      11:28PM - Apr 14, 2014
      We got some Nike SB Quickstrike hype to start off the week. Check it: Dropping this Saturday, 4/19/2014, right here at the CCS Shop is the Nike SB “Desert Camo” Pack, featuring a Janoski and a Blazer sporting that six-color desert... Read More
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      By migdol
      7:34PM - Apr 14, 2014
      Expedition One upstart Dylan Witkin is an all terrain killer. In this Trick Mix the man am takes the new Carlsbad park to task with a blazing display of all around ripping gnar, tech, and more gnar that you can shake a stick at. Watch now and see... Read More
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      Trick Mix | Neen Williams
      By migdol
      4:19PM - Apr 12, 2014
      Supra and Deathwish's Neen Williams has got more than a deep bag of tricks. In this Trick Mix clip, Neen proves it by unleashing his brand unwavering variety, consistency and style. Watch as the Chi-Town local takes it to the rails and ledges and... Read More
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      CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP | APR 11 2014
      By migdol
      6:14PM - Apr 11, 2014
      Welcome to this week’s edition of the CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this department we take a look at the social media lives of our CCS pro team and pick the most life changing entries just for you. Nonstop we think of ways to make your life better... Read More
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      Just Dropped: Nixon Watches
      4:52PM - Apr 11, 2014
      This week’s Friday Drop comes from the fellas over at Nixon Watches. Designed and built by the credo of, “watches we can wear when we skate, when we snowboard, when we surf or when we don’t,” Nixon watches are the... Read More
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