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    What's up, my names Elizabeth. I like to hang out with my friends when ever I have a chance to and when I'm not so busy. I like to hike, go for walks, listen to music, skateboard, take funny pictures of me and my friends.The reason why I started skateboarding was that, when I was younger someone dared me to ride a skateboard down a really steep hill and the condition of the rode wasn't that great. And so I went down it and I did fall off but when I did it, it felt so amazing and after that I learned how to skate from one of my friends. I'm good at it but not a pro. I don't skate as much as I did before because I'd always spend so much time at the skate park of just street skating that I never really payed attention to anything else around me. My favorite skateboarders are: Rob Dyrdek, Bam Margera, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole, Correy Duffel, Rick Howard, and Brandon Westgate. Even though I don't skate much anymore, they still inspire me to go back and do it some more. Peace Out

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