WHAT'S WHAT with Marcus McBride
Aug 15, 2011 11:45 PM CDT

Last week we saw what kind of snaps DGK Pro Marcus McBride had stashed inside his cellular. And this time around, we get to see just how Marcus handles a good ‘ol fashioned What’s What.

Read on for a quick glimpse inside the mind one of DGK’s finest.



What’s Pier 7 skater was the most underrated? I really can’t say, there were so many good skaters…but Lavar McB ripped it up…

What’s your relation to Lavar McBride? He’s my younger brother.

What’s your favorite food in the world? Noodles…pretty much any style.

What’s your fondest 101 memory? Being on tour with wit Gino Iannucci, Jason Dill, Clyde Singleton, Natas Kaupas…Skating with all those different styles and personalities was dope.

What would you do with a spare $50k? Give it to my mom.

What was it like Heelflip 50-50ing Hubba hideout? I dont really know…but I guess it felt great at the time.

What does DGK mean to you? DGK ALL DAY!!!

What was the gnarliest thing you saw go down at EMB? So much comes to mind, but I remember this bum tried to f**k with someone for skating near him, and the bum pushed this someone. So long story short, the bum ended up leaking from the side of his head.. I bet that bum never pushed another skater.

What were the Mad Circle days like? It was a dope time…I learned a lot from Justin Girard. Shot out to Justin.

What would you do with 5 hours left to live? Spend it with my famliy.

What’s your dream non-skate sponsor? An airline company…so I can fly anywhere I want to.

What’s your all-time favorite SF spot? EMB.

What does it take to put out a full video part? Time, effort & patience.

What are your 3 favoirite skaters of all time? Of all time? Guy Mariano, Henry Sanchez, Lavar McBride.

What whip are you pushin’? No car…never had to have one.

What do you do when the skate session ends? Spend time with one of my friends Mary J.

What do you spend your money on? Bills!!!

Photo by of Matt Daughters.

Ride and rep the DGK product that Marcus does.



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