CCS Exclusive | Mark Appleyard Speaks On Soul Rebel
Jun 28, 2013 4:53 PM CDT

Recently The Berrics hosted the global online premiere of Mark Appleyard’s solo video part from Element, Soul Rebel. Mark has spent the last year in the trenches working on it and by the looks of the footage and the massive crowd response, it’s safe to say Apples didn’t fall a foot short on it. With a healthy variety of handrail, ledge, gap and ditch skating, the video offers it all and cements Mark’s reputation as a true all terrain annihilator fully equipped with one of the smoothest styles around. CCS caught up with Mark this week for a quick interview to get his thoughts on his latest production. Here’s some of what he had to say.

NOTE: The video is only available for viewing on The Berrics and you can watch it by clicking right HERE.

What was your approach to this video as opposed to others you’ve worked on in the past?

It was the same approach as I’ve used in the past. I just tried to get tricks that were worthy of showing the world. Most of it was filmed in California. I didn’t put very much pressure on myself and just kind of skated what I wanted and hit all the spots I wanted to skate. I concentrated on it for a year and a half and what came out was the most usable footage from that time period.

How do you feel this part stacks up to some of the footage you’ve come out with in years passed?

I like it and I think it stacks up to all my other video parts that I’ve worked hard on. I’m just stoked to have another video part out. I’m looking forward to making another one. That’s way I do—I make video parts.

How was it working with your personal filmer on this one? Does having an on-call filmer for tackling a project like this make a big difference?

Yeah, it helps to have a personal dude. I was going skating with my filmer Frankie Martinez for about four months. We were focusing on going out and collecting footage for Soul Rebel—which at the time wasn’t called Soul Rebel—it was just what I knew would become my video part. It was good to be able to just call Frankie and meet him wherever and get stuff going without having to wait for people or go to spots that just I wanted to skate. I also like skating with my friends and being a part of whatever is going down that day. But yeah, it was more productive and helps to get things cracking off with a personal filmer.

Do you go out solo or do you go out with other dudes to get you hyped?

A lot of time it was just me and Frankie and sometimes we’d call a photographer to come out like Oliver Barton or John Coulthard. Other people were always welcome to join. A lot of times Frankie actually brought his girlfriend. He was doing that quite a bit. He kept doing it so I just accepted it. [laughs]

Let’s talk about that big ditch in your part for a bit. What was it like skating that thing?

It’s fun once you land your trick and get to ride away. All the tries that it takes though—those tries can be a pain in the ass. You’ve got to run down that bank and usually it helps to have a friend there to watch and make sure your board doesn’t go in the water. It’s exhausting because if you don’t make your trick you’re running halfway down the bank, then you’ve got to go get your board and walk all the way back up. It should have a chair lift. [laughs]

There was a lot of slamming in the video particularly on the ditch. What was the overall damage report for this vid?

I went through a lot of pairs of jeans at the big ditch spot. If you fall you’re pretty much going to tear a hole in your back pockets of your pants. I got scraped up on my hands a bunch. One time I just ollied into it and was going way too fast at the bottom and launched off my board. I definitely got some scrapes and some road rash.

What were some of your favorite tricks overall from your part?

I’m really hyped on the nollie kickflip noseslide on the little Fullerton rail with the kink. I’m also hyped on the kickflip front krook on that rail in LA because I like the way the footage looks and also because that spot is such a mission to skate. You get kicked out within a few minutes so we had to go back a few times to get that trick. I also like the kickflip back noseblunt on the table in LA too. The hardest trick to do was the Peter blunt grind.

What’s next for you?

I’m just going to focus on continuing to skate, continuing to film and go on all the tours. Just continue to do what I’ve been doing for a long time and stack clips for my next video part.


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