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In April of 2011 CCS announced that Kr3w and Deathwish pro LIZARD KING had officially been added to the CCS team. To say Lizard King is entertaining would be biggest understatement of your life. Lizard is a ceaseless ball of energy. Tap into his stream of consciousness and you’ll walk away either dumbfounded or with the answers to the meaning of life and the origin of the universe. In honor of Kr3w week here at CCS we decided to offer up a few of Lizard’s most memorable words from previous interview sessions. Read and learn from the the one and only Lizard King.

Lizard On torturing people.
I just love torturing people. It’s so much fun. What’s life without a little torture, man! I just like to be entertained so if there’s nothing going on I’ll just start f#%&ing with people…just poking them….slapping them in the face.

On the Greenroom.
Greenroom or Die!

On calling skateboarding a sport and refering to skateboarders as athletes:
If they hung out with me and saw how many cigarettes I smoke and what I do on a nightly basis…if you call chain smoking and drinking beer working out, then yeah it’s a sport. Maybe it’s like the rest and relaxation at the bar is good for your legs. I think it’s a joke when people say it’s a sport. Like I’m an athlete or a professional athlete. Yeah right. The best is when they say skateboarding’s an art. Skateboarding’s not art, dude. You can’t  paint a kickflip down a set of stairs, unless your painting it on a canvas….and then you’re just some idiot painting a dude doing a kickflip down some stairs.

On being a good example
I don’t give a f*#k about sh#t really besides RIPPING IN LIFE!

 Watch Lizard’s Kr3w Commercial

Lizard On the Future
Passion baby!! Lots of passion! Shred till your dead!

On the name Lizard King
And this guy Pumpkin King just walked up and goes, “What’s up Lizard?” I’m like, What? He goes, “That’s your name…Lizard King….you’re the Lizard King.” I’m like, Alright.  And next thing I know….It’s been like 8 or 9 years of nobody ever calling me Mike again.

On being a productive member of society 
I’m just a rebel with a good cause, having a great time.

On Keeping The Passion alive
Sh*t dude, you just got to put it in the air and let it loose and it’ll come back to you. It’s like a never ending cycle. When you hold it in and don’t show it to anybody, that’s why you don’t get any passion back and then that’s when it blows.

On CCS Catalogs growing up
Yeah, Dude! Oh, man…I used to read it like a magazine, just circling things that I wanted and secretly leave the page open with it circled so my Mom could see me swoop in on trying to get her to buy me some sh*t [laughs]. CCS, that was my first introduction to like a magazine or anything like that. But it was pure torture. I got to see all this cool sh*t that I never got to buy.

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