Exclusive Interview | SEAN MALTO
Mar 4, 2014 3:04 PM CST

Girl and Nike SB pro Sean Malto is used to being in the limelight, he’s been getting it done with his immaculate, effortless style, since he burst onto the scene at the tender age of 16.

Mr. Malto is currently rehabbing a brutal ankle injury. He folded the poor joint so badly his skin tore and promptly filled his brand new Nike SB with blood. We got the Kansas City native on the phone for a quick chat about healing, dealing with fear, his future, and more. Read on.

So how’s life been treating Sean Malto?

Good, just trying to make the best of the situation I have right now. I have a hurt ankle so I’ve just been at Nike rehabbing it and talking over what we’re going to do for the next couple years.

And how’s the ankle healing? What’s going on with that?

You know, any injury takes time. It takes a lot more time than what anybody wants, but it’s good. I’m on a pretty gnarly rehab program my ankle has been responding well. It’s been getting better everyday. It’s moving, the best it’s ever moved and it’s feeling pretty good, but I still have to wait a couple more months before I can skate.

How are you spending your time outside of rehabbing your ankle?

I’ve been hanging out at Nike for the past couple of weeks.

So you’re up in Oregon right now?

Yah, I’m in Oregon right now. Just talking about future plans and new shoes coming out and stuff. Other than that I’ve just been kind of hanging out. I’m enjoying a little mellow time. I know it’s going to start getting busy real shortly now that the summer is coming around and I am going to be able to skate.

Nice, So what’s the time frame before you start rolling around again?

I should be rolling end of March.

Oh wow that’s coming up quickly

It’s coming up, it’s going to go pretty slow for me, but in the grand scheme of things it’s fast. So rolling end of March hopefully feeling pretty good, comfortable, end of April.

So you are amazingly consistent. How much do you think consistency is something that can be developed, and how much of that is more of a mental thing?

I mean skating is pretty mental. But I think you kind of can develop that by practice. Just skating and doing stuff, skating everyday will give you confidence. In a contest I know the tricks I’m going to try before hand and just really work on those. But I would say it’s a little bit of both. It takes confidence and a lot of work.

Here's a little taste of Mr. Malto's consistency. Watch and be inspired. 

For Street League do you plan your runs in advance?

I just get psyched on certain tricks and I kind of want to do those tricks. But it’s hard to plan it when you just see the course on paper but you kind of need to feel it out. So I don’t really necessarily plan a certain trick on an obstacle I just kind of plan for certain tricks. 

So what’s it like winning a street league?

It was amazing. I was psyched. It’s something that I’m psyched of and I’m proud. To have that under my belt, but like always as soon the next one comes up it kind of fades away and you just want to win that one.

Once upon a time, you were considered either a contest skater or just a street skater? Now you can be both, my question is do you feel like your focus is more on contests now or is it trying to get footage?

I mean I try not to categorize skateboarding. I just want to go skate. Whatever, I just try to skate, film, shoot photos, or do contests if I have the opportunity. I want to film video parts. I want to skate contests, I want to do what’s ever coming up. I don’t necessarily focus on one thing or the other. I skate and try to progress and learn new tricks everyday.

What’s it like having legions of teenage girls as fans?

I don’t know, I guess its a little weird.

What’s the best thing about Kansas City?

Ah man everything, everything except the weather right now. I’ve grown up there. My friends and family are there. Escapist is right down the street from my house. We have a little private park right down the street from my house. Everything is close. When I’m there, I feel at home and I feel good. I think its just one of those things that when I’m at home I feel really calm. It’s kind of like a vacation when I’m at home. I can settle down, get my mind right, and then go back and do what ever tricks I need to do. Whatever my sponsors ask and it’s been working out so far and I just want to keep that going for as long as I can.


So who’s the gnarliest skateboarder alive?

That’s a hard question; there is a ton of people. Grant Taylor is gnarly, Corey Kennedy is gnarly, Kenny Anderson is gnarly. Sh*t I don’t know.

So how do you deal with fear when you are rolling up to a gigantic rail? What runs through your mind?

I guess its all confidence. When you skate at something you really want to be confident in yourself and the product you have on. You want your shoes to feel good, your board to pop right. You just want to know. There can’t be any doubt in your mind that you’re getting on a giant handrail. If you have any doubt and you hesitate a little bit you could get smoked, you could get really hurt. I just roll up a lot and do a ton of ollies on flat ground and just try to block that out my mind and I tell myself not to hesitate.

So if something bothering you, if something is not right will you walk away?

I mean depending on what it is. If it’s like a 15 stair rail yah, I’ll probably not want to put myself in that much danger. I’ve also felt super uncomfortable and I’ve done stuff that I’ve been psyched on and I’ve also felt super uncomfortable and got hurt. But the goal is to always just feel right when you’re coming up to the big stuff. And if you get psyched on something just try to stay in the moment and make it happen.

So do you believe in luck?

I mean, kind of. A little bit I guess. I’ve gotten lucky on sh*t but I think a lot of it is… I don’t think its luck that P-Rod can switch flip back lip handrails or anything, you know? I think it’s a lot of practice and just a ton of time in the skate park. Knowing where your board is and where your feet are at all times and making it happen.

So what has been the highlight of your life so far?

Turning pro and skateboarding probably has been the highlight of my life. That’s something that I’ve dreamt of as a kid, and have always wanted and when it happened it was so surreal. You know I just feel blessed everyday and I’m psyched to be in the position I am now and the sponsors that I have.

So what’s next? What are your plans for after you rehab your ankle?

Just to get healthy. Skate Street League the best I can and film a video part. I definitely want to get back into street skating. It’s been awhile since Pretty Sweet so I would love to get into a project and really work on something with a team of dudes.
Any last words?

I’m psyched! Thanks for everything! 

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