Exclusive Interview | SPENCER HAMILTON
Apr 8, 2014 2:35 PM CDT

It’s rare that you meet someone as evolved and thoughtful as Supra and Expedition pro Spencer Hamilton. In addition to having one of the most spontaneous and fluid styles on a skateboard, the man is free thinker, raw food advocate, and anti GMO activist. Since I had the opportunity to interview Spencer, I decided to depart from the typical interview and focus my questions on conspiracy theories, the multinational chemical/agricultural biotech company he’s adamantly against, whistleblowers, and eating right . This hour long call just began to scratch the surface. Read on:

How’s Life?
Life’s great.

Where are you at right now?
I’m in Vancouver, just came home after a little bit. I was in Hollywood, we made a couple local trips to Sacramento, Fresno, Arizona to get some footy for this Supra Thrasher video.
So you’ve been pro for over a year now, how has your life changed?
It’s not a whole lot different. Same old, definitely a little monetary increase but still skating, everythings the same.

What were you doing before you turned pro to make ends meet?
Well I was paid pretty well as an AM but I worked at a skate shop too.

Okay let’s talk conspiracy theories. What Conspiracy theory do you want to chat about right now? 9/11 inside job, Monsanto, or Chemtrails?
Let’s talk about Monsanto because this is what I’m most passionate about.

Okay I’m going to start by arguing the opposite, so people get all freaked out about genetically altering food but humans have been manipulating foods since the beginning of time and we’ve always tried to find ways to increase production so we could yield more food. Isn’t Monsanto just doing this on a larger scale?
Yeah there is some sort of truth in that but its absurd. The argument is when they are talking about monoculture. One plot, one crop. When you only plant one crop you’re going to have a lot of pests. This is the propaganda that Monsanto puts out. They say “Well we need to feed the world because the world’s population is growing” and everyone can understand that. Nobody even wants to buy their products. Tons of countries have banned their products. Whether its the genetically modified food or the pesticides. They are ruining the earth. Yeah humans have manipulated foods and have created hybrids but that’s not genetically engineering plants.They are altering the genetic code in a lab. DNA and genes were not understood until the 20th century. Genetically modifying is a completely different approach that is almost unresearched. And the research that has been done is extremely cloudy. Anybody that goes against them is pretty much ridiculed, threatened and discredited. You need to read up on this. People at the head of Monsanto go to work at the FDA. There Monsanto lawyers that go and become judges who wind up siding with Monsanto on certain cases.

Well, what are you going to do?
Grow up, start looking at the labels of your food. If you are going to the supermarket and you are buying stuff from the aisles the whole time then of course you are going to be buying sh*tty processed food and supporting sh*tty companies. Start looking at the produce section, start looking at the numbers. 3 and 4 is conventional, 8 is genetically modified.

Where are these numbers? What are you talking about?
You see the bar code? Well those numbers mean something right? Its common sense but if you’re talking to someone who eats Snickers and Lays chips all day of course it’s going to sound insane.

So how do you eat healthy when you are on a skate trip?
It’s terrible, we’re stopping mostly at gas stations. What kind of food do they have at gas stations? Stuff that’s not going to spoil. It’s going to last forever. The food is on the shelf dead.

So what do you do if you are in a van with a bunch of dudes driving across the country doing demos?
I try and bring as many snacks as I can right off the bat. I’ll stock up beforehand with fruits, oranges, apples, nuts, walnuts, almonds. I’ll bring some lemons.  You can ask them. I’m in the back making cool little snacks for all of them. I’ll bring a knife and buy a bunch of good fresh food and I’ll sit in the back and make good stuff, get to the spot and skate.

Shoot lets talk about Chemtrails, you were saying that Chemtrails could be the big agribusiness dumping chemicals into the air so it ruins the soil.   

Well whether it’s the agribusiness itself or just some other industry figuring out how to get rid of their chemicals. And somehow this just happens to help the agribusiness.

That seems like a huge stretch. Wouldn’t there be too many people that would know about this and someone would stand up and blow the whistle?
Oh I’m not saying that I believe this stuff these are just conspiracy theories that are out there that I’m entertaining with you.

Right but lets think about it for a minute, seems like something as big as airplanes dumping toxic chemicals on to us from the sky a lot of people would have to know about it. Don’t you think someone would know and their conscience would get the better of them and they would try to stop it? Like the 9/11 conspiracy. So many people would have to be involved and aware that there’s got to be at least one whistle blower in the group. Right?
Well one thing you’re not taking into consideration is that there are tons of whistle blowers. They are everywhere, in every country, every industry and what happens to most of them?

I don’t know what happens? 
They are discredited. A lot of it has to do with job security, they have to take care of their families, and its fear, are you going to turn your back on an industry that has given you a job? They threaten people. Look at the tobacco industry, look at the oil industry.

Bs Flip Hong Kong. Photo Jeremy Adams

Do you believe in the existence of a new world order? A shadow government that secretly controls the world.
 The question is, is the world going in that direction? Yeah you’ve got to be an idiot to not think that. All the practice that the military is doing and local police and stuff like that on martial law and the loss of rights of the American citizens. There’s tons of stuff that would lead you to come to that conclusion. And especially the state of the world right now as a whole. 

What do you think of the Malaysian airplay disappearance? Conspiracy?
I’m sure something’s up. I just saw something that is ….. Ah I don’t even want to get into here.

What? Tell me. What was it you saw?

It was some technology that these people had developed and were waiting on a patent for and of course 4 of them were on the plane and who was the next in line to get the patent? Good old buddy Rothschild. [ Editor’s Note: Jacob Rothschild is an alleged Illuminati member] He was the fifth and now sole owner of the patent.

Yeah but why wouldn’t they just take the plane down why would they make it disappear?
That’s the thing, I really don’t know anything about it. Will we ever know? Getting to the bottom of it isn’t going to help us know. What can we do? Support your community, eat local, l have fun.

What do you do when you are not skating besides study conspiracy theories?

First of all I don’t study conspiracy theories. I read books, I watch documentaries, listen to music, I’ve got a great kitchen I make great food I have people over for dinner all the time.  

Nyjah credits being raised vegan is the reason he has never broken a bone.
I’d say that that’s probably pretty on point. When you eat meat and dairy there are a lot of things that are happening in your body. Namely the pH balance in your body can get acidic. Meat and dairy are acidic. The most alkaline readily available mineral in your body is calcium. So if you eat a lot of meat and dairy your body takes calcium from your bones. If your body is constantly in the state of acidosis than your body is borrowing calcium from your bones.

Who has the worst diet on Expedition?
I don’t know. Everyone is pretty good. They are all pretty smart individuals. At the end of the day everyone is pretty down to eat right. It’s 2014 there’s a Whole Foods in every city. If I’m eating fruit you can’t deny that that’s a good idea. I don’t care what you eat but you should eat whatever you want but you should also include a good amount of raw food everyday. On tour nobody’s giving me sh*t about what I eat. Obviously I get the odd comment here and there, like “you’re a hippy you’re eating bird food”. I don’t mind it at all.

What is your one guilty pleasure? What is your biggest vice?
Fried Pickles. Every couple weeks, I’m like, “Where the deep fried pickle spot at?”

What’s in store for the rest of this year?

I’ve got a zillion projects going. Expedition is doing a video, Supra is doing a video, and Gold is doing a video all this year. And lots of trips this year we’re going to go to London with Supra in June or July. And we’ve got a little tour in the Midwest at the end of May. In the Fall hopefully I’ll get a trip going to China or Spain those trips usually kickstart a video project, you can always get a couple of solid minutes.

Tell us about this new Supra Colorway you’ve got coming out?
I have a lot of history with that shoe, I’ve always skated it so it’s ingrained in my feet. It’s been awhile since I skated anything else. They took it off the market for like a year. They just reintroduced it as the “Cuba” it used to be the Cuban. They gave me a colorway. I’m stoked because it’s a really nice clean looking shoe. Its a shoe that I really want to promote because it’s really the best shoe.  All black white sole, camo around the collar. 

Watch THE SUPRA TEAM put Spencer's new CUBA colorway to use

That about does it, we’ve covered a lot here. Any last words?
Support your community, eat local, enjoy your time with your friends and family and skate your fu*king ass off.

Eat Local, Eat Raw, and support Spencer's sponsors here:

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