Exclusive Interview | TOREY PUDWILL
Jun 3, 2014 1:29 PM CDT

DVS, PlanB, and CCS Team rider Torey Pudwill not only possesses super human talent on a skateboard, he’s perpetually ambitious. You would think that at this stage of his career he’d be content to kickback a little and let the young bucks come up. As we learn from the interview below, nothing could be further from the truth; T-Puds is filming a part for the Plan B video like his life depends upon it. This year could be his biggest yet.

We sat down with Torey to have an in-depth discussion about the Plan B video, Street League, Grizzly Grip, His new DVS colorway and more. Read On!

How have you been?

Good, everything is solid, been great.

What have you been working on?

I’ve been really busy lately working on the plan B video, that’s my top priority right now. The list goes on, but also getting ready for the summertime contests, and also getting ready for the DVS Torey 3 shoe drop pretty soon. Those are really like my three big main things that I’ve been working on. I also got stuff with Red Bull in the works right now. Skate Space pretty big one, it’s going to be released on Go Skate Day but that’s pretty much it you know for summertime. I can’t forget about the Grizzly Grip got that going too.  

So what in the world is going on with that Plan B video? I mean it seems like it’s been like 2 or 3 years in the making already.  

Exactly. We,ve got a release date. It will be out on iTunes and yeah just every day is ticking like an active bomb to the deadline. We’ve got a couple more months of filming and then we’re going to be cutting off videos to get them edited then it’ll be out November.

Good news!

But there will be an official announcement shortly with the release date, the video name, the graphics….

So can you reveal any secrets? What can we expect?

No. no secrets, you just got to wait for the video to come out. I mean it’s the plan B video! Everyone has been putting in work over the past 3 years to make this thing huge but could be a couple surprises. I’m honestly waiting to see it for myself.  


What’s your part going to look like?

Well I’ve been filming this video part like my life depends on it. I just feel like it’s going to be different from all the other parts that I’ve filmed.  It’s going to be a real historic video to be a part of. You really don’t get a chance to be a part of a video where the whole team gets together like this. It really comes once every so often. You know I had a part with the DVS guys and I had a part in the Shorty’s video and now having a part in the Plan B video is just so much different than filming a solo solo part. I have been just taking it real serious and you know just trying to progress.  I definitely want this Plan B part to be the peak of my career and be the best skate  footage that I could possibly put together.

That’s saying a lot considering some of the parts you’ve put out in the past.

My part comes down to a solid 3 years of nonstop, just going full force and I just feel like everything I’ve ever done for my career and all the work that I’ve put in, since the beginning, since I first started skating has all led up to this one video. This is my one opportunity and my one chance to film for it and I don’t want any time to be wasted at all. It means a lot to even have the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome video so I’m stoked.

Sounds like it’s going to blow some minds.   

I can’t wait for it to drop.

If Torey's new Plan B part is anything like parts he's dropped in the past, it's fair to say minds are going to be blown! 

What’s going on with Street League? Seems like things have been drastically changed up this year.

Well, yeah you know ever since it started it has kind of changed a bit every year. They definitely wanted to give it a little mix up by adding some new guys. With the first event they had a pro open so a whole different group of skaters could have a chance to qualify to be in the League. That was an insane event alone. Having to skate against a whole new group of dudes. Street League is the most the most elite 20 skaters in the world but you’ve got to realize, here’s not just 20 of elite pros but there’s thousands of us.

So who are you backing in the new crew? Who are you most excited to skate with or watch?

Well actually the first event they had three dudes who made it through from 20. Watching all those dudes was incredible. You’re just thinking like,  “Damn 3 of these dudes are going to be in Street League for the remaining of the year.” They’re just going to make it that much harder for all of us. That’s the thing with Street League. It’s definitely not getting easier, it’s going to keep getting harder as the years go on. The format they had set up this year I would say is really solid. The way they have it set up has made it fair, I think it’s the fairest way you could judge skateboarding in a contest.

Right, so what’s your strategy when it comes to contests? Do you try to plan runs before or how do you approach it?

Well I try get in the zone, stay on my toes and just make sure that I’m ready for it.  I try to be comfortable on my board and make sure that my body is not sore and beat down before. My main thing is showing up and 100% and being ready.  As far as practicing I just feel out the course while I’m out there. There’s no real better way to have my head in the game you know? There’s no real better way of being prepared than actually being there having your head in the game.

How far in advance do you know what obstacles you’re going to be skating? Do you just show up and it’s like here it is?

They send all the Street League pros the course layout a week or 2 weeks before the  course is built so we get to check it out but then it always ends up being a little different than the drawing. The hubbas might be a little bit steeper or the rails a little bit longer than you expected.

There’s a lot of money at stake now at these contests if you had the funds you could go and copy those plans and then just erect in the exact course in a warehouse somewhere to practice and get the edge on your competitors.

Yeah, maybe that’s why they don’t give the exact measurements just you can’t practice on something exactly the same. A skate park that is great practice for everyday, contests or no contest. 

So how’s the lady situation are you still with that one girl?

Yeah, the lady situation is great, I’ve been with my girl Shay for 3 years. She supports my skating and I support what she’s doing. For the most part smooth sailing, it’s always good to have a girl on your side you know?

For sure, so how’s Grizzly Grip going? What’s going on with that?

It’s going great. Right now it’s just fun and still just something I’m hyped to do for for the kids. I hope I can inspire the kids to go off and do something of their own. Other than that we’re trying to grow and step our game up in the whole clothing world and try to make real quality products. That’s what we’re looking for in the future. We want to be putting out really quality, top notch gear.  I got a lot of ideas for Grizzly. We’re scouting out a lot of the up and comers, the new kids on the block. They are the future of skateboarding. You’ve got to feed it to keep skateboarding growing and healthy.

Right. So let’s talk about the DVS Torey Nebula little bit.

I thought it was a great concept, the whole spaced out theme. I just thought it tied in really well with my personality. When DVS came at me and said they wanted to put that on my shoe I knew instantly that it was going to look sick.

Do you believe in life on other planets?

Oh for sure man. I’m waiting for an answer to come to us, so I believe there’s life on other planets for sure. I heard they just like figured out another planet that has life on it. You know maybe we’re the ones that are like struggling and life somewhere else has it so much easier.

So shoot let’s wrap this up. If you want to give any shout outs or anything you can do that now.

Yeah dude, just I mean definitely big shout out to DVS for always backing skateboarding and always being there supplying the goods for all the skateboarders across the globe. Definitely give a hand to DVS there. Other than that I’m just really stoked that this so far, it’s been a great year and I can only pray and hope for the best for the remaining of the year. Keep skateboarding and you know just whatever it takes to skate do it; just do it. Skateboarding is a lifesaver. 

Do yourself a solid and get some of Torey's signature gear now!

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