Meet The AMs | Nick Blanco
Oct 30, 2013 3:48 PM CDT

Name: Nick Blanco
Age: 22
Hometown: Jacksonville Beach, FL
Am Project Sponsors: Chocolate, Adidas, LRG, Indy, Bones
How long have you been skateboarding and how did you get into it?
Summer of ’04, so 2014 will be my decade mark! I had two homies in my apartment complex when I was little that were hyped on skating so we would cruise around the hood and cause havoc all the time. A little after that I started skating Skatelab, and it didn’t take long until I was there 7 days a week.
Tell us about your hometown. What's your local scene like?
Haha, where I come from is crazy man. I could write a book about Jax Beach for sure. There's no place else like it. There’s so much talent spread out around our city, but nobody comes together. Everyone is mad at each other on some high school sh*t, it’s a real heavy “crabs-in-a-barrel” vibe. That being said, I’ve got mad love for every single person I grew up with out there and I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else because I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.

Who are you favorite pros/ams? What pros inspire you? Why?
I’m mostly inspired by the people I skate with. Mike Peterson, Joey Corey, Matt Fink, Brian Richey, Gus Cooper are all older OGs from Jax, the wisest of the wise. They're all dudes that I have mad respect for and have inspired me so much. My homie Paul Hart I grew up with is absolutely killing it, he’s a huge inspiration to me. In San Diego, all the sk8mafia homies! Those are the raddest dudes out.
How did you find out about the CCS Am Project Video Contest?
My homie Adam Small shot me a screenshot of the CCS instagram, thanks dude.
Did you think you had a shot at winning when you entered or were you clueless about the competition?
Positive vibes bros haha, who goes into a competition thinking about losing?

What do you like better, photo's or filming?
I like both just as much. Watching a clip right after you roll away is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. I also love the feeling of being really close to landing a trick, and seeing the photo and being hyped on it. That’s the most motivating.   
Do you consider yourself hesh, fresh or both?
Neither haha, I’m chillin’.
Rifle off a few of your favorite spots to eat where you're from.
Sun Deli in Jax Beach! Cotixan and Vallarta in San Diego.
What is your dream spot?
San Diego, California

What are you most looking forward to as a CCS Am Project rider?
I’m stoked as f*ck on every single company I got linked up with, I’m looking forward to skating my ass off, meeting all you dudes, all those dudes, all the homies in the contest, and having great times that we’ll remember forever!
Describe the filming process for your entree. How long did it take to film?  Did you do it just for CCS or had you been holding clips for an opportunity similar to this?
Like 3 clips in my video are in Jacksonville, I filmed with my homie Matt Oistacher in his video Criteria 4 Failure. After C4F came out I moved to San Diego, and that’s where I filmed the other 97% with my homie Troy Sanders. I managed to film all that in about 6 months while Troy was working a full time job and raising a family. Mad Love to you Troy, Julia, and Audrey, thank you! But we didn’t really have a plan on what to do with the clips we got, it was good timing I was just about to come back to Florida so I was finishing up filming. I think we were gonna try and give it to the homies at TWS and hope for the best haha.  
What are your long term goals with skateboarding? Do you hope to have a career as a pro someday?
I just want to skateboard for as long as I physically can and I will be completely happy. I sat and thought for a very long time on how to answer this question without sounding weird, but I do hope to turn pro one day. Skateboarding has done so much for me in my life that I would be more than stoked to try and give back to it.  
What do you do when you aren't skating?

Are you a Playstation or Xbox dude?
I used to play Xbox 360 heavily from like 16-19. Me and a bunch of homies no lifed Call of Duty pretty hard. I had to just stop at one point and snap out of it.  
What's your gamer tag, haha?
Oh man, anyone who ever played Xbox with me will get a laugh out of this one..
What do you feel your biggest accomplishment in skating has been so far?  Trick, contest, trip, video parts?
I think my biggest accomplishment in skateboarding is that I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years and can still go do it every single day and have the best time of my life. The memories I’ve made, times I’ve had, and people I've met on this journey are the greatest things to me.

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