Meet The Ams - Chris Bell
Nov 21, 2013 3:53 PM CST

Name: Chris Bell

Age: 23

Hometown: Anaheim CA

Am Project Sponsors: DGK, Adidas, Volcom, Ricta wheels, Independent trucks

How long have you bee skateboarding and how did you get into it?
10years I've been really skating. My Dad bought me a board for
Christmas, and kids in my neighborhood
started skating. I skated around for transportation and messed around at
7years old but I stopped riding a board completely round 9 or 10. Got back
into it at 13years old because my cousins Eric Smith and Daniel Benedicto
were getting really good so I got inspired to skate again and I made the
commitment to not quit skating ever again at 13.

Photo: Keith Oshiro

Tell us about your hometown? What's your local scene like?

Monroe Ave, in Anaheim CA is the street I grew up on and it's always poppin from party people, to gangbangers down the block, to really cool people that will be your true friend, none of that fake ****. I Loved that neighborhood vibe of going outside and everyone on the block would come out and we would all find somethin to do, and one season was to skateboard. My local scene is tight because the main homies I skate with happen to go to this skatepark at Peak Park in Buena Park where I met Dre Williams, he's great at skating, but even greater at Producing beats for Artists. I also skate with Abner Jacques, Danny Corral, Ian Drummond, Javan Campello and a lot more.  I'm the first dude to ride and rep DEMA back in 2004, and I stood by and backed it when Abner, Dre, Mark Barnett and Emilio was thinking about forming a group.  We present raw skateboarding and just get fun and creative with it. We look at skating as an art, and DEMA stands for "Do Everything Make Anything" and my boy Josh Murillo came up with that, he's a genius. DEMA is pronounced like (deh-mah).

Who are you favorite pros/ams? What pros inspire you? Why?

 Favorite Pros are Tony Tave, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Bastien Salabanzi, Nick Trapasso, Jimmy Cao, Figgy, Tommy Sandoval, Jamie Tancowny, Wad Desarmo, Arto, Appleyard, Pj Ladd Am's like Trevor Colden, Blake Carpenter, Riley Hawk, Eric Smith and what inspires me most about these guys is that they all go big, skate hard and raw and have good relaxed styles.

Photo: Chris Bell

How did you find out about the CCS Am Project Video Contest?

 I found out about the contest from my friend Tony Magtoto who we all know him as "Bony." 

 Did you think you had a shot at winning win you entered or we're you clueless about the competition?

Crazy thing is if it weren't for him I wouldn't have entered my footage because I didn't think I'd make top 12 this year because i tried last year and didn't get in. He said "Chris let me do this for you cuz you never know." So it still trips me out that I actually got in and almost told him don't send in my footage. Thanks bones! Naw I didn't think I was gonna win at all. Lots of those kids that were in the top 20 were really good props to them and there crews keep it up

What do you like better, photo's or filming?

 Filming is dope

Do you consider yourself hesh, fresh or both?

 I'd say both, I switch it up on how I feel each day but idk you guys decide.

Photo: Luke Lutz

Rifle off a few of your favorite spots to eat where you're from.

 When I'm ballin I love hittin up that young Roscoes Chicken n Waffs, Pho for them hangovers, my Dads bomb ass chicken, and Wendy's that value menu lol

What is your dream spot?
 Dream spot would be a street spot with a bunch of stairs ledges n manny
 pads with Lil Wayne performing near and a bunch of chicks twerking, hahah.

What are you most looking forward to as a CCS Am Project rider?
 I'm looking forward to goin out filming with the crew to new cities I've
 never been, that on the road life and enjoying it all. I guess to be able to skate, meet, and get to know the big people behind skateboarding like Pro's, Am's, Filmers, Photographers, Managers etc, and keep learning keep growing.  Turning Pro would be sick but enjoying the skate life is all I need.


 Describe the filming process for your entree. How long did it take to film?  Did you do it just for CCS or had you been holding clips for an opportunity similar to this?
 Most of the footage was filmed in a year or 2, some clips were older than that and it was being saved for our DEMA Video Vol. 2 "NowRise" but we decided to turn it into CCS. We might put out that video still, stay tuned for that. Also R.I.P SIRMON, love you bro.

What do you do when you aren't skating?

 When I'm not skating I'm instagrammin, watching movies, runnin trap havin fun with my homies, family stuff, reading books, bars, Concerts, party buses etc haha


Photo: Keith Oshiro

What do you feel your biggest accomplishment in skating has been so far? Trick, contest, trip, video parts?
I would say my Switch Heel down Parking structure in my CCS vid entry. That **** was scary not gonna front. And also entering Damn Am last year was year was big for me, was always nervous about them.

 Before I dip out I just want to send a message to people that doubt themselves "Just do what you wanna do, what makes you happy, and stay positive."


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