CCS Weekly Skate News Roundup
Mar 29, 2013 6:06 PM CDT

With all of our involvement on the skateboarding media tip over the last year we figured it was only fitting to launch our own weekly news column here at CCS covering all the latest and most important skate news you should care about. Got something you feel like we should cover? Drop us a comment in the comment below and your news could be featured in next week’s post.

This week has been a big one in the world of skateboarding. Kicking things off is the big news from the annual Skate Park Of Tampa Pro. Not only is SPoT celebrating its 20 Year Anniversary but its 19th annual Tampa Pro contest was another one from the books. CCS riders Sierra Fellers, David Gonzalez, Brian Anderson, Shane O’Neill and Theotis Beasley all made it out to skate, but at the end of the weekend it was Flip’s Luan De Oliveira who claimed first followed by Element’s Nyjah Huston and Zoo York’s Chaz Ortiz in second and third respectively. In other big time contest news, Street League recently announced its partnership with ESPN to bring SLS to global levels with stops on this year’s tour including Brazil, Germany and Spain in addition to four stops in the US.  

As for roster changeups and big name news in the professional world, Element’s wonder boy Evan Smith is now pro and shocked the skate community with his epic pro part release, The Evan Smith Experience. If you haven’t yet seen it, do it! Sk8mafioso Nick Tucker, meanwhile, has just been added to the am roster over at SUPRA. Stay tuned for more on Nick as his talent will surely be moving him up the ranks quickly.

In footwear news, Eric Koston, Nike and the rest of the world celebrated the launch of the long-awaited Koston 2 including a pretty heavy promotional commercial release featuring Koston’s Nike Golf counterpart, Tiger Woods. You can check it HERE if you haven’t seen it already. In other footwear releases, Andrew Reynolds toasted the release of his new shoe from, Emerica—The Reynolds 3. Heralded as one of the most technically advanced releases from Emerica to date, The Reynolds 3 is in the CCS shop right now. Stay tuned for more on this momentous drop.

In video news, the Creature fiends dropped their video "CSFU" last week and are still all collectively recovering from their hangovers. You can check out all the action right HERE. Meanwhile, the crew at Baker Boys are gearing up for the highly-anticipated DeathWish video to premiere this weekend in Los Angeles. Stay tuned to The Corner full coverage.

Finally, the boys over at Foundation have recently launched a brand new web site to showcase all their goods, team, news and content. In related launch news, Paul Shire who’s currently TMing over at DVS recently announced the launch of his new board brand, Isle.


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