Sk8Mafia's Stee Premiere | Photo Recap
Jun 10, 2013 3:04 PM CDT

San Diego's Sk8Mafia held the long awaited premiere of its newest video, Stee, at the infamous Wave House in San Diego's Mission Beach this weekend. The Sk8Mafia crew including Jimmy Cao, Wes Kremer, Jamie Palmore and the rest of the gang along with tons of Local San Diego skaters packed out the house and filled the bar in preparation for the show. The crowd went nuts for the video when it finally hit the screen and positive reviews of the video's awesomeness have already started hitting the message boards. Check out a few photos from the night below and then click HERE to check out all the newest products from Sk8Mafia that are currently online in the CCS shop

It just wouldn't be a Sk8Mafia premiere without a T-Bone sighting.....

Marius Syvanen and Wes Kremer get loose before the show....

Alex Horn and Tom Remillard clinking bevies at the Wave House bar

Sk8Mafia filmer Nick Lamm and Jimmy Cao throwing up a collabrative Mafia sign

And the show goes on!

And the crowd goes wild!

Crew'd up after the video...

Marshall Heath, Larelle Gray and the homie throwing signs....

It really wouldn't be a Sk8Mafia premiere without Smolik. The Don reppin' Free B-Money! 

Marius and the homie having drinks at the Wave House bar post show.

Circling up around the firepit post premiere

Sk8Mafia head hauncho Josh Preebz and the homie throwing up a collective Mafia sign

Jamie Palmore, Jimmy Cao and crew head out in to the San Diego night to keep the party going.


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