What's What | Brandon Westgate
Dec 26, 2013 3:34 PM CST

CCS and Emerica Pro Brandon Westgate’s brand of skateboarding is in a league of it’s own. The Westgate style is a potent cocktail of power, coupled with blazing speed and massive pop. We recently caught up with Westgate and bombarded him with a series of rapid fire What questions in this edition of What’s What.

This is just a teaser we’ve got a enormous exclusive interview with Westgate coming to the CCS corner in a few short weeks. In the mean time, kick off your shoes and see how the man with the giant sized ollies handles this What’s What.

What do you spend your money on?
I built this wood shop down in my basement. I bought a bunch of tools and obviously wood. I like to build sh@t and, we’re buying a new house so spending a bunch of money on that too.

What kind of things are you building?
I’ve made a couple of nightstands. Two identical ones for like each side of our bed and I built a vanity for my girlfriend. It’s like a desk with two side drawers and I’ve got this nice top for it. We first got a house and we were buying furniture and stuff and I’m like, “Man, this sh*t is garbage.  I feel like I could build this better”. My dad had all these old tools and I was, like, “Dad, I’m going to, like set up a little shop to build my own furniture because I feel like I’m wasting money buying this garbage.”

What’s your new year’s resolution?
I don’t know. I never actually really do that.

That’s probably a good way to live, you know, like no set of rules, just be good all year.

What’s it like being able to ollie over anything?
Well, I can’t ollie over anything but I guess my capability of ollieing ON things is pretty good. I can always get my feet up there but sometimes it’s so high that I’m getting my feet up and I can’t stand up, you know, because I’m so sideways and I end up hitting my ass so hard into what I’m trying to ollie up. My ass ends up getting really bruised so that sucks.

What’s the best thing about skateboarding today?
I feel like years back, it was mainly really gnarly rails and really big gaps, I feel like now it’s, kind of all about the style and flow. Like with Ishod’s part and all these dudes are flowing. It’s so sick to watch. Yeah, it’s like, there’s a lot of, like creativity and unique styles these days.

What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever had to overcome?
Probably the first time, I rolled my ankle, I’d never rolled it as bad as I did.  Actually, that’s how I ended up building my workshop down there because I was hurt for so long and I didn’t know what to do. I had anxiety and it, kind of, kept me focused on something else.

What kind of music are you listening to?
I’m not really, like that big on music.  If I hear some good sh*t on a trip I’ll just go home and just download whatever, you know.

What was the last thing you heard that you were like, “Wow, that sounds really good.  I want that”?
Actually, it was in that Fallen video, Road Less Travelled it was Portugal. The Man or something like that. It was like kind of stoner music or something but it was pretty sick and I just downloaded the album and I’m just, istening to that. I like whatever sounds good, I went on this summer trip and we were listening to Paul Simon the whole time and I got, super hooked and was listening to that. 

What’s your favorite TV show?
I really like Axe men.  It’s on history channel.

What’s your favorite movie?
I haven’t actually watched a movie in a while. I would say, Good Will Hunting.

So what’s in the works?  What can we expect next from you?
I’m working on one of those, Real Street parts for next year. I think that’s only a minute of footage and then Zoo’s got a bunch of trips planned. I always wanted to do an all Boston part. I live so close to Boston but I’m always traveling so much. There is so much good sh%t there to skate. I always wanted to try to film just a part, an all Boston part. Yeah and there’s a crew of dudes there and they’re always killing it but they always end up moving to California. 

What’s your take on contests?  Can we expect to see Westgate in some contests or are you over that?  Are you not into it?
I’m never really too stoked to skate in contests because I just get nervous, I mean, you’re definitely not going to see me in the finals but I like to skate the parks. I have a blast the whole time whenever there’s warm-up time and you’re just, skating the course but if it comes to, a run or, a jam session, it’s just, I go blank.  I don’t even know what to try. I like to skate the Tampa Pro though.

Take a gander at Westgate's sponsor's gear and check back soon for the full exclusive Westgate interview. 

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