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Oct 2013 29
Street League just released this Best of 2013 video with the King of Pop, CCS team rider Torey Pudwill. Check out some of Torey's products in the CCS Shop: Read More
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Aug 2013 05
Summer X-Games 2013 is officially a wrap and with it concluded yet another amazing display of professional skateboarding skill at its finest. This year the always consistent Nyjah Huston chalked up another victory and claimed SLS Gold, but there... Read More
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Mar 2013 19
The new CCS Spring 2013 Gear Guide is in the mail and if you haven't received it already you've got the ultimate guide to spring skate product headed your way. For this issue's cover we couldn't help but feature three of some of our most stylish... Read More
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Oct 2012 17
Want to meet Nixon and Plan B pros Torey Pudwill and Colin McKay? Now's your chance! In celebration of the launch of the Nixon x Plan B Soundclash Project, Torey and Colin will be hanging out and shaking hands at the CCS store in Raleigh, North... Read More
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Oct 2012 11
Meet The Influencers—Eric Koston, Nick Diamond, Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, John Jackson and DeadMau5. The CCS staff selected these names as icons in their own right and torchbearers for our generation—masters and style leaders of... Read More
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Apr 2012 25
CCS recently brought hip-hop megastar Lil Wayne together with Torey Pudwill, Theotis Beasley, Shane O’Neill and Paul Rodriguez for a historic pairing of skateboarding and hip-hop for the May issue magalog cover. It ended up being much more... Read More
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Mar 2012 27
The CCS team was representing in full force at this year's Tampa Pro. CCS riders Shane O'Neill, Sierra Fellers, David Gonzales, Theotis Beasley, Ryan Sheckler and of course, this year's winner, Torey Pudwill, were all on hand and skating full... Read More
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Mar 2012 27
In what is being heralded by some as the best professional event in Skate Park Of Tampa history, the Tampa Pro 2012 was nothing less than electrifying as skaters from all over the country descended on Tampa for three days of skateboard contest... Read More
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Mar 2012 08
The CCS shop in Ventura California hosted the autograph signing for the launch of the DVS Torey2 X Plan B collaboration shoe. Torey, Daewon Song, Marty Murawksi, Luis Tolentino and Paul Shier were in the house. If you missed it check out the... Read More
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Mar 2012 02
Torey Pudwill is one complex human. Very few Pros have the winning combination of ambition and easygoingness that Torey possesses. The tycoon behind Grizzly Grip is also one of the most down to earth and kicked back humans you’ll ever meet.... Read More
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Mar 2012 02
In this episode, CCS team rider Torey Pudwill breaks down the nollie crooks. "The whole key to the trick is to go fast and lean back when you're on the grind." Just like that. Easy as pie when your name is Torey Pudwill. Get Torey's new shoe in... Read More
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Feb 2012 29
Torey Pudwill is an eternal hustler. You’d think the CCS and Plan B superstar would be satisfied endorsing his sponsor’s checks and kicking back between his endless video part releases, tours, photo trips, and contests but the man is... Read More
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Feb 2012 28
As you know Torey has been killing it. So we wanted to put you on to some of the stuff he's rockin'. Weather you're skating or just chillin' you can pick it up right here. It's the Torey Pudill shop drop!!! 1) DVS Torey 2- This is Torey's... Read More
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Feb 2012 28
It's Tuesday and you know what that means! Follow us Today for Twitter you'll get the chance answer trivia questions and win product from Torey Pudwill's sponsors! Gotta follow to win! Click here: Read More
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Feb 2012 24
Enter to "Win a Torey Pudwill Prize Package!" Check out the laundry list of things you could win. There isn't just one or two winners, but a total of three!!! So enter for the chance to win it! Three (3) Grand Prize winners will be selected to... Read More
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Feb 2012 27
There's a lot going on with Torey these days. From dropping his second shoe on DVS that also happens to be a Plan B collaboration to being the owner of one of the most sought after griptape brands, Torey is doing it nice. He's got so much going... Read More
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Feb 2012 17
Handling cover duties for the latest CCS catalog is none other than the newest CCS team rider, Theotis Beasley and Plan B’s Torey Pudwill. In the cover photo T-Puds officially welcomes Theotis to the team. The catalog adds some more ink to... Read More
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Feb 2012 15
Some major heaviness is going down on March 3rd, at 2pm at the CCS Store in Ventura California. Torey Pudwill along with DVS’s Daewon Song, Marty Murawksi, and Paul Shier will be on hand signing autographs and greeting fans. This all-star... Read More
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