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Oct 2013 14
Street League just put out this Best Of 2013 video with CCS pro David Gonzalez. David is without a doubt the fastest and most diverse skateboarder in the series, as this 90 second clip shows. Check out some of David's products in the CCS Shop: Read More
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Apr 2013 19
Sometimes a pro skater's skating speaks lounder than any product testimonial they could ever give and that's certainly the case with David Gonzalez, but just in case you need a little more info here's the SOTY himself breaking down what's under... Read More
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Mar 2013 25
The Tampa Pro 2013 went off this weekend and to help celebrate SPoT's 20-year-anniversary the CCS team was our representing in full force. The Tampa Pro always brings out the best of the best pros for a unique pro contest that's just as much about... Read More
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Feb 2013 25
Regardless of who you think should have won Thrasher’s Skater Of The Year award, it’s hard to deny that SOTYs all share a special something in common. It’s that undeniable Thrasher-ness about them that sets them apart and... Read More
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Sep 2012 28
We've got a brand new show here on CCS TV and here to kick it off is none other than CCS Pro David Gonzalez. Aptly titled, Trick Mix, it's all the killer and none of the filler. That's right—No Talking. No Interviews. No BS. Just pure and... Read More
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Sep 2012 27
As David Gonzalez week rolls on here on The Corner, you knew we'd have to sit him down in The Hot Seat for some hard questioning. We caught up with him in his home town of Long Beach and asked him everything from his thoughts on what makes a SOTY,... Read More
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Sep 2012 26
If there was ever a trick that would get you automatic style points no matter what session you're in, it's the Layback Frontside 5-0. Made popular in the 80s by Christian Hosoi and others, this relic from the past is a welcomed addition to any... Read More
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Sep 2012 25
Take a look inside the Long Beach, California crib of Flip and CCS Pro David Gonzalez. As you'll see he keeps it pretty modest—surrounding himself only with possessions that matter—things like guitars, amps, drums and a ramp in the... Read More
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Sep 2012 24
It's David Gonzalez week here at CCS and first and foremost we have a full recap of his Possessed To Skate video premiere evening including a pre-screening ramp jam and barbecue at his house in Long Beach followed by several packed house viewings... Read More
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Sep 2012 17
Like an infernal demon from the deepest and darkest pits of hell comes CCS Pro David Gonzalez in his long awaited solo video, Possessed To Skate. Sponsored by Thrasher, Mob Grip and CCS, Possessed To Skate is sure to be nothing less than... Read More
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Feb 2012 23
CCS and Transworld once again teamed up for their annual 'Trip On This' sweepstakes. Thousands entered, but only one could win! Congrats to Eric Saunders! Eric won the all expense paid trip for 2 to Hollywood for the 14th Annual Transworld Skate... Read More
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Jan 2012 28
CCS team rider David Gonzalez is relentless. The Columbian mad man and resident Flip Pro annihilates every bit of terrain thrown his way. His skills on transition are just as legitimate as his tech repertoire, but you already knew that. What you... Read More
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