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Feb 2013 12
It's not that often these days that riders stick around on board companies for more than a few years. Often times they'll jump ship, part ways, or simply find better fits and opportunities. Loyalty is more of a premium now than ever which is why... Read More
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Oct 2012 26
Two weeks ago we opened the floor to CCS and Corey Duffel fans to ask anything and everything they've ever wondered about The Duffman. We received hundreds of questions from fans all over the world and Corey pulled through them and picked out a... Read More
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Oct 2012 25
In this special Osiris edition of The Hot Seat, Corey Duffel gives an inside perspective on the upcoming Osiris video, Never Gets Old. Listen as Corey shares his thoughts and breaks down how he really feels about some of his teammates at Osiris.... Read More
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Oct 2012 23
Here to teach you the ancient secrects of the bluntslide is none other than Corey Duffel. Watch as Duffman reveals the proper foot positioning and speed levels at which to approach this basic yet vastly important maneuver. Listen as he reveals... Read More
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Oct 2012 22
For any avid collector of rare punk records, nostalgic memorabilia or vintage motorcycles, the NorCal crib of Corey Duffel is a wonderland for all things americana. Corey's truly got it all in these departments with everything from his massive... Read More
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Oct 2012 16
Got a question you’ve just been dying to ask your favorite CCS pro? Well, now’s your chance. This month we’re giving you the opportunity to ASK Corey Duffel anything and everything you’ve ever wondered about him. It’s... Read More
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Jul 2012 03
We see the inside of a lot of people's phones here at CCS with our weekly Cell Phone Raid column, but we've got to admit that CCS teamrider and Foundation Pro Corey Duffel has some of the more interesting flicks we've seen in a while. We found all... Read More
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Mar 2012 30
In case you haven't seen the cover leaks released online, our man Corey Duffel is crooked grinding his way across the front of the new May Thrasher. In honor of his cover gracing this month, we gave Corey a call for a much needed catch up. He... Read More
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