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Apr 2014 16
Lakai Pro Marc Johnson earned his place in the upper echelons of skateboarding’s hierarchy with a mix of nimble footed tech lines, ledge mastery and a legendary style. From the early Maple days to his current legend status on Chocolate, MJ... Read More
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Apr 2014 16
In a nod of sorts to the plant-life, the dudes at the Diamond Supply Co. and the fellas at Lakai are both releasing a couple of kicks featuring some leafy-type patterns on April 20th. Set on the silhouettes of the Diamond Brilliant Low, and... Read More
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Apr 2014 15
From the outset it may appear that Tony Hawk’s son Riley has had his path to professional skate stardom paved with gold. Nothing could be further from the truth, the fact is, the Lakai pro has made it on his own. Aside from his impeccable... Read More
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Apr 2014 15
Today’s drop in the CCS Shop comes from the streets to the stage, and back again. Lakai has teamed up with Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future fame, and longtime friend of Lakai team rider Nakel Smith, to put a new twist on Earl’s favorite... Read More
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Apr 2014 14
Expedition One upstart Dylan Witkin is an all terrain killer. In this Trick Mix the man am takes the new Carlsbad park to task with a blazing display of all around ripping gnar, tech, and more gnar that you can shake a stick at. Watch now and see... Read More
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Apr 2014 14
We got some Nike SB Quickstrike hype to start off the week. Check it: Dropping this Saturday, 4/19/2014, right here at the CCS Shop is the Nike SB “Desert Camo” Pack, featuring a Janoski and a Blazer sporting that six-color desert... Read More
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Apr 2014 12
Supra and Deathwish's Neen Williams has got more than a deep bag of tricks. In this Trick Mix clip, Neen proves it by unleashing his brand unwavering variety, consistency and style. Watch as the Chi-Town local takes it to the rails and ledges and... Read More
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Apr 2014 11
This week’s Friday Drop comes from the fellas over at Nixon Watches. Designed and built by the credo of, “watches we can wear when we skate, when we snowboard, when we surf or when we don’t,” Nixon watches are the... Read More
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Apr 2014 10
Here we have a Get Set Up with 5Boro’s resident street killer and all good guy Silvester Eduardo. When it comes to his set up Silvester doesn’t play games, he rides nothing but the best from 5Boro, Venture, and Bones. Watch and learn... Read More
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Apr 2014 10
Soon to drop at the CCS Shop, we got not one, but two lowtop kicks from Emerica featuring an allover Flamingo print, aptly named the Flamingo Pack. Included in the pack is the Troubadour Low, designed by Leo Romero, and The Memphis. These two... Read More
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Apr 2014 09
CCS Am Project Rider Shawn Turner is from the Chicago area and the long harsh winters can hinder your skating if you let it. He didn't let old man winter hinder his skating for this session. He straight killed it at Asylum Skatepark in Lake... Read More
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Apr 2014 09
“If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers on your gear,” or so the song from the 60’s goes. Direct from San Francisco and straight to the CCS Shop, we got tons of HUF gear full of floral patterns and... Read More
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Apr 2014 08
It’s rare that you meet someone as evolved and thoughtful as Supra and Expedition pro Spencer Hamilton. In addition to having one of the most spontaneous and fluid styles on a skateboard, the man is free thinker, raw food advocate, and anti... Read More
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Apr 2014 08
The Emerica team’s favorite skate kick has gotten an update by none other than Toy Machine and Emerica pro, Leo Romero. Improvements include: in order to prevent blowing-out and to prolong shoe-life, the seam is now stitched from the inside;... Read More
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Apr 2014 07
Every skater knows that your gear is bound to get beat up. It is inevitable. Your shoes get shredded, jeans get janky, and your tees get tore up. Sometimes it seems like it isn’t worth it to wear a watch while skating. That’s where the... Read More
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Apr 2014 04
Fresh off the pages of their 2014 Spring Lookbook, we got new gear in the CCS Shop from streetwear tastemakers Crooks & Castles. With a philosophy that’s all about “stopping at nothing to get their Castle,” these new graphic tees... Read More
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Apr 2014 03
The dudes over at Crailtap have had an epic week. So epic, in fact that they’ve complied all the greatness into one Pretty Sweet newsletter not so aptly named Weak Week. You are going to want to spend some time losing yourself in this post... Read More
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Apr 2014 03
From the street life, to the yacht life, and the journey that takes you there- that’s what Asphalt Yacht Club is all about. Created by legendary skateboarder Stevie Williams, AYC is a clothing line that “celebrates the individual and... Read More
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Apr 2014 02
CCS Am Darius "Woogie" Jackson makes it look easy in this edit he filmed within 1 hour. Woogie has it all, technical wizardry & he can dropped hammers on a dime no problem. Watch him get down at Memorial Skatepark in San Diego. Keep an eye out for... Read More
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Apr 2014 02
Today’s Shop Drop comes from Torrance, California, by way of Outer Space. Peep the Space Girls deck series from Girl Skateboards. Set in a far out galaxy, these graphics feature throwback styled ladies rockin’ planets for heads. From... Read More
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Apr 2014 01
In just a few short months Element and DC Pro Evan Smith has made the short list of our favorite skateboarding stylists. His approach to skateboarding is so creative and spontaneous that he makes it seem that anything is possible. For Evan the... Read More
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Apr 2014 01
Through experimental research for new ways of thinking and the power of imagination comes today’s Shop Drop by Imaginary Foundation, a think tank based in Switzerland. By placing these beautiful and thought provoking images on clothing, the... Read More
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Mar 2014 30
Based in Canada, the Lifetime Collective is a brand that creates clothing they describe as “a collection of wearable artwork and identity.” Working from that notion, Lifetime skater and Girl Skateboards pro Rick McCrank has created the... Read More
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Mar 2014 28
We got some bling in the CCS Shop for you to floss this weekend. Peep the Chain deck series from Plan B Skateboards. CCS team rider Ryan Sheckler, along with Danny Way, PJ Ladd, and the rest of the Plan B squad, got their own blinged out... Read More
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Mar 2014 27
Paul Rodriguez and the fellas at Primitive Apparel have put together a sick new line of gear for their Spring ‘14 drop, and it’s now in the CCS Shop. Peep the graphic tees representing everything from wildlife to the Good Life, and get... Read More
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