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Jun 2014 05
He’s from Mesa Arizona, rides for DVS and has a serious technical skateboarding skate game in his pocket. A massive variety of ledge tricks make up his repertoire but the dude also has some serious pop. Sit back and see how Marty red hot... Read More
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Jun 2014 05
Nike SB seems to be getting a headstart on the 4th of July festivities with the early release of the Dunk High “Stars.” Similar in theme to its patriotic predecessors, the “Statue of Liberty” and “Firecracker,”... Read More
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Jun 2014 04
Straight from S.F., we got a drop in the CCS Shop of accessories from HUF to help you complete your kit. Whether you’re down with the tie-dye and floral pattern look, or if you’re about the plantlife, we got you from top to bottom with... Read More
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Jun 2014 03
DVS, PlanB, and CCS Team rider Torey Pudwill not only possesses super human talent on a skateboard, he’s perpetually ambitious. You would think that at this stage of his career he’d be content to kickback a little and let the young... Read More
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Jun 2014 03
Today’s drop in the CCS Shop is all about appreciating Simplicity. Nothing fancy or complicated, that’s what the “Simplicity” collection from the dudes at the Diamond Supply Co. is representing. The latest line from the... Read More
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Jun 2014 02
As every skater knows, with all the falling and slamming involved in a typical day of skating, your kit is bound to get beat up. Taking this knowledge into consideration, Levi’s built their Skateboarding Collection with superior construction... Read More
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May 2014 30
Welcome this week’s CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and present to you their greatest posts. This week on the CCS Social Roundup Shecks gets a session with someone you might... Read More
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May 2014 30
Taking basketball shoes from the courts to the streets is nothing new- Dudes like Natas and the Gonz were doing it way back in the ‘80s. There’s just something about the basketball silhouette that feels right on the board, so it only... Read More
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May 2014 29
Co-founder of the Iconic NYC brand 5Boro, Mr. Mark Nardelli has been killing the mean streets of the Big Apple since the early 90s. Back in around ‘94 Nardelli linked up with Steve Rodriguez and they started out on what has become an epic... Read More
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May 2014 29
Being that it is Memorial Day week, we’re going to continue celebrating the red, white, and blue with a collection from Vans featuring the aforementioned color scheme. We’ve gathered together tees and tanks and hats from Vans’... Read More
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May 2014 28
With their latest apparel collection, DGK wants to send you on a Permanent Vacation. That’s right, no work or school, just livin’ the good life in some fresh gear from the Dirty Ghetto Kids straight to the CCS Shop. From tees and tanks... Read More
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May 2014 27
CCS AM PROJECT Rider, Nick Blanco doesn’t take his set up lightly, in fact he meticulously chooses what he rides down to the bearings that make his wheels go round and round. Watch as Nick breaks down his set up piece by piece. And if you... Read More
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May 2014 27
Star Wars collabs are hot this year, and Vans, being a brand that knows what’s up, has partnered up with the epic space opera franchise to bring you some kicks that are going to be out of this world. Dropping this Saturday, 5/31 at the CCS... Read More
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May 2014 26
Just Dropped to the CCS Shop are two fresh brands born out of sheer individuality. Baker Skateboards teammates Sammy Baca and Don “Nuge” Nguyen bring you Volume 4, a brand inspired by anything from old records to home-made tattoos and... Read More
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May 2014 23
Welcome this week’s CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and present to you their greatest posts. This week on the CCS Social Roundup we’ve got some bangers! A sleepy... Read More
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May 2014 23
Today we got something for the lil’ dudes, especially for the lil’ Janoski fans. Nike SB has recently released a Janoski with a Lizard Camo print (a pattern used by the French Army in the mid 20th century), and fresh to the CCS Shop is... Read More
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May 2014 22
Back in 2005 Expedition’s Richard Angelides’ truly showed the world how talented he is. In Transworld’s Frist Love, Richard not only skated nearly his whole part switch he unleashed one of the most tech manual combos in the... Read More
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May 2014 21
Today we’re going Behind the Design of the Torey Mid Nebula from DVS at CCS TV. We caught up with the DVS footwear project manager so he could walk us through the process of designing and arriving at this spacey graphic for this CCS... Read More
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May 2014 20
In the not so distant past, we interviewed the great Riley Hawk, son of Tony Hawk on this very blog. We had a nice long chat about a wide range of subjects from his relationship with is father to his role in Shep Dawgs. In case you are unfamiliar... Read More
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May 2014 22
It’s Lunar Madness this weekend with not one, but two Lunar Quickstrikes from Nike SB dropping this Saturday, 5/24. First up, the Oneshot, with its super grippy and flexible feel, got a new black & volt colorway. Next, the highly esteemed... Read More
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May 2014 20
Feeling lucky today? If so, check the latest graphic series to drop in the CCS Shop from the Dirty Ghetto Kids: Scratch Off decks. Inspired by corner store lotto tickets, these decks are sure to be winners. Take your chances on rolling snake eyes... Read More
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May 2014 19
It’s hard to think of a better way to spend your day than with your board and your dog, and enjoi’s Caswell Berry knows this very well. In promotion of their Animal Series graphics, and Berry’s pro model, enjoi has released a... Read More
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May 2014 16
Last night, at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, was the opening of Art Truancy: Celebrating 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine. The exhibit showcased original artwork from artists Juxtapoz has featured over the last 20 years. Attendees got to see... Read More
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May 2014 16
Welcome this week’s CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and present to you their greatest posts. What a week it’s been for our team riders! Nyjah, his lady friend, and puppy... Read More
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May 2014 15
Not only is Girl and DC Pro MikeMo Capaldi’s technical street wizardry a true sight to behold but the man is an all around good dude. It seems so cliche, but the truth is, he’s humble, honest, up for a good laugh, and genuine; a... Read More
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