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May 2013 07
Up this week for the CCS Tuesday Trivia giveaway we've got a brand new pair of the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 headphones. If you've ever put a pair of Skullcandy phones on your dome, you know they deliver that extra bump to whatever your musical tastes... Read More
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May 2013 07
He's easily one of the if not the most influential skateboarder of all time. He's touched more people in more ways with his style, his lovable weirdness and an approach to skateboarding that's altogether original. In celebration of one of the most... Read More
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May 2013 06
Whether you're in a combat situation, out in the jungles or simply trying to step out in the streets in some fresh print, camo is one of those patterns that never gets old. Camo is trending particularity hard right now with brands from across the... Read More
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May 2013 06
Orange County came out in droves for the fourth annual Sheckler Foundation Skate For A Cause event this weekend. Held at the Etnies Skate Park of Lake Forrest, Skate For A Cause brings the skate industry together for a day of skating, friendly... Read More
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May 2013 05
Orange County came out in droves for the fourth annual Sheckler Foundation Skate For A Cause event this weekend. Held at the Etnies Skate Park of Lake Forrest, Skate For A Cause brings the skate industry together for a day of skating, friendly... Read More
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May 2013 04
CCS is proud to present the Keith Haring collection from Alien Workshop. Using the iconic art work of the legendary New York City street artist, Keith Haring, the Alien Workshop has produced an entire collection of decks in honor of Haring's work... Read More
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May 2013 03
Checking in with his Editor's Picks this month is none other than Kevin Duffel—El Heffe Editor at TransWorld SKATEboarding. You've got to figure the guys at the magazine pretty much live and breathe skateboard products every day of the week,... Read More
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May 2013 02
Stacking itself alongside other great New York staples like 5boro, DQM and Zoo York, Mighty Healthy has been slowly and steadily carving a name for itself on the New York City streets since 2004 and has since been making an impact across the world... Read More
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May 2013 02
It may not be the Summer of 69, but that doesn't mean the summer of 13' can't be filled with trippy Tie-Dye vibes. In case you haven't noticed, Tie-Dye is the trending harder than free love on Haight Street with some of the best brands in skate... Read More
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May 2013 02
In case you missed our Hot Seat and Behind The Design spots with Vans Pro Geoff Rowley earlier this week, we've got three Vans-related trivia questions and a brand new pair of the Vans Rowley Pro to the first person who can correctly answer the... Read More
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May 2013 01
Check out the buttery smooth park steeze of CCS Am Project rider and College Station, Texas local Clay Kosh. Choosing to handle his business on the ledge and the wave, it's clear Clay has his tech skills in check. Have a look and click on over to... Read More
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Apr 2013 30
Contrary to how he might seem, Expedition Pro Ryan Gallant cut his teeth playing drums for bands in the thriving Boston hardcore scene during the 90s. Aside from skateboarding, Gallant spent his time behind the kit from age ten to... Read More
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Apr 2013 30
Behind every great product is a great story and Vans Rowley Pro is no exception. Originally released from Vans in 1999, but later removed from skate shop shelves in in 2007—the Rowley Pro has since undergone some major design changes and... Read More
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Apr 2013 29
Now in its fourth year, Ryan Sheckler's annual Skate For A Cause benefit jam is going down this weekend Saturday, May 4 at the Etnies Skatepark Of Lake Forrest. With a long list of invited pro skaters including names like Danny Way, Chris Cole and... Read More
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Apr 2013 29
Up this week for a CCS Top Ten is patterned Vans. Vans is a brand that's known for its creativity when it comes to footwear and there's hardly a company out there that offers more color combinations, patterns and unique applications. Lucky for... Read More
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Apr 2013 29
Some weeks we're lucky enough to get a legend volunteer for The Hot Seat and this week we're proud to have just that. Sitting down for a grill session is none other than Geoff Rowley who drops all kinds of insightful info including some notes on... Read More
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Apr 2013 27
It's been another heavy week of news in the always buzzing world of skateboarding. First up this week is the release of Ryan Gallant's new web video from Expedition, All Ages. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Always great to see new action from... Read More
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Apr 2013 26
Go Skateboarding Day 2013 is right around the corner. Got any plans for June 21st? What about a trip for you and your best homie to go to NYC for 5boro and CCS' annual Go Skateboarding Day event? All you have to do is enter to win. There's no... Read More
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Apr 2013 26
Take an inside look at the all new Paul Rodriguez Lunar Rod by Nike. While it takes its design takes cues from the P-Rod 6, the Lunar Rod is a welcomed departure from the traditional skate shoe silhouette towards a more athletic profile geared... Read More
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Apr 2013 26
With a humble launch in 2009, Heel Bruise is one of those brands that’s done well by simply loving what they do, working with their friends and building momentum slowly and steadily with no real rush for anything other than making more of... Read More
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Apr 2013 25
Ready to be schooled on some serious footwear technology? The Osiris design team including legendary pro Alfonso Rawls along with PLG are here to elaborate on some of the inner-workings of the latest PLG pro model from Osiris—the PLG VLC. In... Read More
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Apr 2013 25
With some brands focused on drafting graphics off trends and making sure they're riding whatever the next big wave is, Publish takes a slightly different approach to its clothing design. Taking a stance for utility and timeless style, Publish... Read More
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Apr 2013 24
No bag of legde tricks is complete without the ever-important nollie crooked grind and here to break it all down for you is SUPRA Am Nick Tucker. As Nick says, this one is all about proper foot placement. Keep that front foot in the pocket that's... Read More
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Apr 2013 24
When it comes to full bleed T-shirts, CCS is definitely the place to shop for the best selection. We've got a ton of bangers from all the best brands—from full bleed graphic specialists like ROOK, The Hundreds and Imaginary Foundation to a... Read More
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Apr 2013 23
Up this week is a brand new CCS Tuesday Trivia and this time around we've linked up with our friends at Bones Bearings for a special giveaway. We've got a brand new set of Bones Reds Bearings for the first person who can correctly answer the... Read More
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