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Feb 2014 13
Volcom Am Alec Majerus is a stone cold ripper from Rochester, Minnesota and has been destroying whatever is put in front of him for a minute now. Rails, gaps, and transition you name it and lead him to it and he’ll methodically destroy it.... Read More
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Feb 2014 13
etnies just put out a video of Tyler Bledsoe making the best case possible for their Highlight skate kick. The etnies Highlight by Tyler Bledsoe features classic Bledsoe skating: super tech, super smooth, and extra long slides, while the Highlight... Read More
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Feb 2014 12
The Official team recently took a trip to China, not only for some of the best skate spots in world, but also to make some hats. Check the video below of the whole team- Jose Rojo, Miles Silvas, Stefan Janoski, Marquise Henry, and Rodrigo TX... Read More
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Feb 2014 11
In case you’ve forgotten just how accomplished CCS, Habitat & Adidas Pro Silas Baxter-Neal actually is, let us take this opportunity to remind you. In addition to being a former Skater Of The Year recipient (2008), Transworld’s 2007... Read More
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Feb 2014 11
Today in the CCS Shop, Nike SB came through with a fresh new colorway for the lil’ dudes out there- We got an awesome black and white colorway for the P Rod 7 GS. This Paul Rodriguez pro model kick has the same dope features- Lunarlon... Read More
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Feb 2014 11
This Valentine’s Day, get that someone special a gift that will keep them running back for more- the limited edition Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Valentine’s Day”. Holiday themed features include a white cracked leather below a... Read More
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Feb 2014 07
Welcome to this week’s installment of the CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. We sort through the social media channels of the CCS pro team and hand pick their greatest entries for you, thus saving you some precious time. This week, Sierra get’s... Read More
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Feb 2014 07
Fresh for Friday, we got a Shop Drop from the L.A. based hip hop collective Odd Future. The OFWGKTA fellas have brought us graphics ranging from Sinking Boats to Domo Cheetahs and Taco Boxers; whatever your thing is, Odd Future has got you... Read More
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Feb 2014 06
DGK and Supra AM Boo Johnson’s relentless skills as a wood pusher are not to be taken lightly. The kid is a proud owner of a sweet and consistent style and as of late he’s been on a constant mission to make his name known in... Read More
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Feb 2014 06
Fresh to the CCS Shop, we got new goods from SML. Wheels. Owned and operated by longtime ripper James Craig, and with a team of heavy hitters like Austyn Gillette, Danny Garcia, and Mark Suciu, you can only expect the fastest and smoothest roll... Read More
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Feb 2014 05
Last month, on January 18th, the TopGrom World’s 2013 Championship was held at Modern Skatepark, Royal Oak, Michigan. Lil’ dudes from all over, including the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Dominican Republic, and India, came out... Read More
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Feb 2014 04
We recently caught up with CCS team rider, and Enjoi and Etnies pro, Cairo Foster. Having spent a significant amount of time on each coast, and leaving an even more significant mark- from his groundbreaking nollie hard flip into the fountain at... Read More
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Feb 2014 03
It’s been almost ten years since Nike SB and the Diamond Supply Co. first joined forces to bring us the Diamond Dunk Low. Now, this powerhouse collab is at it again: dropping this Saturday, 2/8/2014, at CCS is the Diamond Dunk High. Features... Read More
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Jan 2014 31
Welcome to the CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we meticulously scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and hand pick, for you their greatest entries. This week, Sierra shows off an adorable pus*y, Cairo displays a slow but... Read More
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Jan 2014 31
To end the week, and the first month of 2014, we got a four-hit drop: new Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, and Tensor goods have hit the CCS Shop. Blind came through with the 2nd installment of their Athletic Skin deck, as well as a fully set up Classic... Read More
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Jan 2014 30
In a category all his own, there are few dudes more unique and original than CCS team rider Corey Duffel. In addition to destroying it on a skateboard, The Duffman is a legit trendsetter, true professional and one of the best human’s in the... Read More
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Jan 2014 30
We caught up with Lakai's footwear designer, Jeff Mikut, to check out the "Manchester Lean". The shoe looks super good, it's lighter than the original Manchester, has a newly designed heel that provides extra support and it's been slimmed down to... Read More
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Jan 2014 30
Today in the CCS Shop we’re droppin’ Beats by legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre. Check it: Beats by Dre has effectively brought the energy, emotion, and excitement of playback in the studio to your ear. Beats equipment offers... Read More
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Jan 2014 29
We got a dope new Drop in the CCS Shop- headwear by Official! Official’s philosophy “embraces a youthful nature and regards its headwear as a crown or an exclamation point.” And with that said, from buckets to beanies with loud... Read More
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Jan 2014 28
Ask any Pro who they believe is the gnarliest street skater alive and the majority without hesitation will utter one name, and that name is CCS and Emerica Pro Brandon Westgate. Not surprising since Brandon Westgate’s style is a powder keg... Read More
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Jan 2014 28
In celebration of Black History month, Nike SB will be dropping a new Dunk Low to select retailers on 2/1/2014. Features include: suede upper with a nubuck Swoosh, laser-etched graphics on the rear quarter panel, gold details on the heel and lace... Read More
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Jan 2014 27
When speed is your need, Spitfire is your wheel. We got a bunch of new product from Spitfire in the CCS Shop, including two signature wheels by Vans pro Anthony Van Engelen and Girl Skateboards pro Eric Koston. With an unmatched flat-spot... Read More
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Jan 2014 24
Welcome to the second installment of CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we take the time to gleen the social media channels of the CCS pro team to deliver you their greatest posts. This week, Shecks gets a Volcom sponsored ride in the sky,... Read More
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Jan 2014 24
In spite of some lousy winter weather conditions, Agenda NYC went off without a hitch. We gotta give props to these dudes for braving the harsh conditions and hanging tough. Lots of brands were representing, which means we got to see some new... Read More
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Jan 2014 23
Big things have been happening for VANs and Alien Workshop Pro Gilbert Crockett. In addition to landing the cover of the newest Skateboard Mag, the all terrain murderer also has a brand new shoe with Vans. The accomplishments have been racking up... Read More
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