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Jan 2014 22
For a streetwear brand that started off in hardgoods, it makes perfect sense that The Diamond Supply Co. would put out a cruiser board, and a top-notch one at that. The Diamond Life Cruiser is built with Ace trucks, 60mm Diamond wheels, Diamond... Read More
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Jan 2014 22
Loaded with pure natural talent and radiating positivity like no other NIKE SB and CCS Pro Theotis Beasley is as unique as they come. His skateboarding style can only be described as flawless, not an ounce of anatomy out of place. In the world of... Read More
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Jan 2014 21
Time for a quick history lesson: Vans put together a short clip of their main man behind the brand, Steve Van Doren, telling us the origins of Vans’ iconic Side Stripe. Appearing in 1977, the Side Stripe was first placed on the Old Skool,... Read More
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Jan 2014 20
Adidas Skateboarding just dropped a dope new promo video for the Silas SLR, and as you probably guessed, it features CCS team rider Silas Baxter Neal skating as smooth as ever. Shot entirely at The Grotto, Silas’ private skatepark in... Read More
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Jan 2014 17
Howdy campers! Welcome to a brand spankin’ new department here at the CCS Corner called CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we scour the social media channels of the CCS pro team and present to you their greatest posts, saving you a... Read More
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Jan 2014 17
We’ve come to an end in our Looking Back series- check what went down here at the CCS Blog in December 2013. First, we got an exclusive remix of Supra’s tour through Europe and Mexico, with tons of shredding from CCS team rider Lizard... Read More
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Jan 2014 16
CCS, Habitat & Adidas Pro Silas Baxter-Neal has been a very busy man lately, he’s filming for a new Adidas video, his wife is about to give birth to their second child and he’s releasing a brand new collection of threads with Adidas.... Read More
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Jan 2014 16
Calling all little dudes: the Topgrom International Skateboard Contest Series for skaters aged 13 and under is holding its championship event this Friday and Saturday, January 17-18, 2014, at Modern Skatepark in Royal Oak Michigan, an 80,000... Read More
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Jan 2014 16
What’s the secret to nollie backside heels? Has Riley Hawk ever played his dad, Tony Hawk, in a game of S.K.A.T.E.? What was Nike SB dropping last Black Friday? Well, last November, all these questions were answered here at the CCS Blog. DGK... Read More
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Jan 2014 15
360 shuvs, sayin’ what’s up to Ishod, and being Under the Influence- that pretty much sums up October 2013 here at the CCS Blog. First, Supra pro Keelan Dadd taught us how to keep the super stylish 360 pop shuv-it from flipping. Then,... Read More
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Jan 2014 14
DC, ELEMENT, and AYC Pro Nyjah Huston is unarguably the gnarliest skateboarder alive. He makes throwing himself backwards down a 21-stair-chest-high-rail look easy, he’s won more contest money than any skateboarder in history, and he’s... Read More
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Jan 2014 14
As we enter into the final months of our Looking Back at 2013 series here at the CCS Blog, we find September brought us secrets of the frontside crooks, a video premiere recap, and a dope Nike SB drop. Expedition One pro Ryan Gallant gave us some... Read More
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Jan 2014 13
Last August brought us tricks, photos, and a lil’ twerkin’. We set things off here at the CCS Blog with a strictly street clip of the CCS Am Project fellas crushing a bunch of Chicago spots. We followed that up with an extensive... Read More
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Jan 2014 10
Tricks, trick, and more tricks! July 2013 at the CCS Blog brought us Tips and Mixes of all sorts of tricks. First up, Jimmy Carlin was kind enough to give us some pointers on a trick that really lives up to its name, the hardflip. Then Paul... Read More
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Jan 2014 10
CCS team rider Ryan Sheckler gave us an Inside Look into the newest location of the Sheckler Foundation and his private skatepark. Congrats on the 15 years with Etnies Ryan, can't wait to see your part in the new Plan B video either. Head over to... Read More
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Jan 2014 10
The Berrics is trying to find out who made the biggest impact on skateboarding in 2013, and they’re leaving it up to you to decide, hence its aptly named title- Populist. They’ve put together a list of 12 nominees, which includes 3 CCS... Read More
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Jan 2014 09
We’ve hit the halfway mark in our recap of CCS blog posts from 2013. June brought us some NYC style shredding, and a couple clips from our newest team rider- Nyjah Huston. We hit the streets of NYC with Nike SB and 5boro for Go Skateboarding... Read More
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Jan 2014 08
Clips, clips, and more clips. That pretty much sums up May 2013 here at the CCS blog. First up, Ryan Sheckler crushed the Etnies skatepark in Lake Forest with some friends while Skating for A Cause. Then we had one of the best days a skater could... Read More
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Jan 2014 07
Last April, here at the CCS blog, we were learning tricks and getting schooled on kicks. Supra team rider Nick Tucker taught us nollie crooked grinds, Eric Koston told us what it’s like to be riding for Girl for 20 years, then broke down the... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
We sat down with the new CCS team rider Nyjah Huston, to find out what he's riding that is helping him get so gnarly. You can head over to the CCS SHOP and pick up all of Nyjah's gear today: Asphalt Yacht Club, DC Shoes, Diamond Supply Co.,... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
Behind the scenes and contest killers- that’s what March 2013 was all about here at the CCS blog. First up, we went to the Tampa Pro Contest and got some sick footage of CCS team riders Theotis Beasley, Brian Anderson, Sierra Fellers, Shane... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
Old school skaters rejoice, and new school skaters get psyched- Vision Street Wear is back in the CCS Shop! A classic brand in the skate world, Vision Street Wear was once home to such legendary pro skaters as Mark Gonzales and Mark... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
We are proud to introduce the one and only Nyjah Huston, he is the latest addition to our elite pro team line up. This video contains some behind the scenes footage from Nyjah's official welcome to the team video shoot, check out the official... Read More
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Jan 2014 03
Continuing down memory lane, February 2013 brought us some sick footage and a couple dope interviews with two CCS team riders. Skatemafia put together a dope Trick Mix clip for us at San Diego’s Logan Memorial park, David Gonzalez told us... Read More
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Jan 2014 02
Looking back at 2013, CCS started the year off with a pretty big bang. In no particular order, here are three of our favorite blog posts from January 2013: Beagle breaking down southern rap; going behind the scenes with Van Styles on a shoot for... Read More
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