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Apr 2014 08
The Emerica team’s favorite skate kick has gotten an update by none other than Toy Machine and Emerica pro, Leo Romero. Improvements include: in order to prevent blowing-out and to prolong shoe-life, the seam is now stitched from the inside;... Read More
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Apr 2014 07
Every skater knows that your gear is bound to get beat up. It is inevitable. Your shoes get shredded, jeans get janky, and your tees get tore up. Sometimes it seems like it isn’t worth it to wear a watch while skating. That’s where the... Read More
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Apr 2014 04
Fresh off the pages of their 2014 Spring Lookbook, we got new gear in the CCS Shop from streetwear tastemakers Crooks & Castles. With a philosophy that’s all about “stopping at nothing to get their Castle,” these new graphic tees... Read More
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Apr 2014 03
The dudes over at Crailtap have had an epic week. So epic, in fact that they’ve complied all the greatness into one Pretty Sweet newsletter not so aptly named Weak Week. You are going to want to spend some time losing yourself in this post... Read More
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Apr 2014 03
From the street life, to the yacht life, and the journey that takes you there- that’s what Asphalt Yacht Club is all about. Created by legendary skateboarder Stevie Williams, AYC is a clothing line that “celebrates the individual and... Read More
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Apr 2014 02
CCS Am Darius "Woogie" Jackson makes it look easy in this edit he filmed within 1 hour. Woogie has it all, technical wizardry & he can dropped hammers on a dime no problem. Watch him get down at Memorial Skatepark in San Diego. Keep an eye out for... Read More
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Apr 2014 02
Today’s Shop Drop comes from Torrance, California, by way of Outer Space. Peep the Space Girls deck series from Girl Skateboards. Set in a far out galaxy, these graphics feature throwback styled ladies rockin’ planets for heads. From... Read More
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Apr 2014 01
In just a few short months Element and DC Pro Evan Smith has made the short list of our favorite skateboarding stylists. His approach to skateboarding is so creative and spontaneous that he makes it seem that anything is possible. For Evan the... Read More
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Apr 2014 01
Through experimental research for new ways of thinking and the power of imagination comes today’s Shop Drop by Imaginary Foundation, a think tank based in Switzerland. By placing these beautiful and thought provoking images on clothing, the... Read More
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Mar 2014 30
Based in Canada, the Lifetime Collective is a brand that creates clothing they describe as “a collection of wearable artwork and identity.” Working from that notion, Lifetime skater and Girl Skateboards pro Rick McCrank has created the... Read More
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Mar 2014 28
We got some bling in the CCS Shop for you to floss this weekend. Peep the Chain deck series from Plan B Skateboards. CCS team rider Ryan Sheckler, along with Danny Way, PJ Ladd, and the rest of the Plan B squad, got their own blinged out... Read More
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Mar 2014 27
Paul Rodriguez and the fellas at Primitive Apparel have put together a sick new line of gear for their Spring ‘14 drop, and it’s now in the CCS Shop. Peep the graphic tees representing everything from wildlife to the Good Life, and get... Read More
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Mar 2014 27
Your good friends at Converse know what’s up when it comes to your listening pleasures. In celebration of the recent re-launch of the Converse CONS sneaker collection they went ahead and put together a collection of original collaborations... Read More
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Mar 2014 26
CCS and have joined forces to give away $1,400 in CCS Gift Cards. Starting today, 3/26/2014, a $100 Gift Card will be given away to the top “flared” photo of the day on the StashedBoxes Style Guide. Votes are acquired... Read More
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Mar 2014 26
Leave it to Girl Skateboards to come through with some self-deprecating type graphics. Peep their latest deck series entitled Big Babies, featuring the heads of Girl team riders Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, and more, sitting atop a... Read More
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Mar 2014 25
Not only has CCS, PLAN B, and Volcom Pro Ryan Sheckler been in the spotlight of skateboarding longer than anyone, his list of accomplishments runs deep. In addition to being a child prodigy and the focus of skateboarding’s limelight since... Read More
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Mar 2014 26
Whats New?Goosenectar premiering in Hermosa Beach April 25th. A skate video featuring all my friends including myself. Made by Andrew Freeman & Ryan Lee. Where have you been skating?Recently Norco, Corona, Yucaipa, & and River side. But now about... Read More
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Mar 2014 25
Just Dropped in the CCS Shop, we got some dope new Diamond Supply Co. gear fresh from their Spring 2014 line. Shed that heavy jacket and those layers for some warm weather gear like Diamond tees and tanks featuring that classic Diamond cut and... Read More
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Mar 2014 24
Today we’re setting the week off with a Shop Drop from HUF. Based in the Bay Area, but worn all over the world, HUF clothing is made by skaters for skaters. Fresh in the CCS Shop, you’ll find lots of dope new HUF accessories. From the... Read More
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Mar 2014 21
Just in time for the weekend, we got Chima Ferguson’s pro model skate kick from Vans in three dope new colorways: Aloha Light Grey, Royal Gum, and Black Cork. Same stylish silhouette with that tough-as-leather reinforced canvas,... Read More
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Mar 2014 20
Almost Skateboards has joined forces with DC Comics to bring you a series of skate decks featuring your favorite superheros paired with your favorite Almost team riders. Check out Daewon Song shredding with the Caped Crusader, Batman, while Willow... Read More
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Mar 2014 19
Just Dropped, right here at the CCS Shop, is the Nike SB Rival Pack. Playing along with a March Madness theme, Nike SB has transformed its Dunk High by mimicking the colors of the Georgetown Hoyas and the UNC Tarheels. The Tarheels kicks are... Read More
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Mar 2014 19
CCS Am Project rider Koki Kasai from Rosemead CA went berzerk at Belvedere Skatepark in LA and came through with this solid edit. Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comment below & feel free to share. Read More
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Mar 2014 18
HUF and 3D Pro Austyn Gillette has so many passionate fans that random Tumblr accounts are spontaneously popping up to honor him. It’s no wonder that the world is mesmerized because Austyn is brimming with effortless steez, control, on a... Read More
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Mar 2014 18
Today’s drop in the CCS Shop goes out to the fans of the vulcanized skate kick. Etnies has given the Marana, originally a cup sole, a vulcanized make-over. This Ryan Sheckler pro model is still made with the same STI Evolution Foam footbed,... Read More
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