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Jan 2014 09
We’ve hit the halfway mark in our recap of CCS blog posts from 2013. June brought us some NYC style shredding, and a couple clips from our newest team rider- Nyjah Huston. We hit the streets of NYC with Nike SB and 5boro for Go Skateboarding... Read More
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Jan 2014 08
Clips, clips, and more clips. That pretty much sums up May 2013 here at the CCS blog. First up, Ryan Sheckler crushed the Etnies skatepark in Lake Forest with some friends while Skating for A Cause. Then we had one of the best days a skater could... Read More
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Jan 2014 07
Last April, here at the CCS blog, we were learning tricks and getting schooled on kicks. Supra team rider Nick Tucker taught us nollie crooked grinds, Eric Koston told us what it’s like to be riding for Girl for 20 years, then broke down the... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
We sat down with the new CCS team rider Nyjah Huston, to find out what he's riding that is helping him get so gnarly. You can head over to the CCS SHOP and pick up all of Nyjah's gear today: Asphalt Yacht Club, DC Shoes, Diamond Supply Co.,... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
Behind the scenes and contest killers- that’s what March 2013 was all about here at the CCS blog. First up, we went to the Tampa Pro Contest and got some sick footage of CCS team riders Theotis Beasley, Brian Anderson, Sierra Fellers, Shane... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
Old school skaters rejoice, and new school skaters get psyched- Vision Street Wear is back in the CCS Shop! A classic brand in the skate world, Vision Street Wear was once home to such legendary pro skaters as Mark Gonzales and Mark... Read More
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Jan 2014 06
We are proud to introduce the one and only Nyjah Huston, he is the latest addition to our elite pro team line up. This video contains some behind the scenes footage from Nyjah's official welcome to the team video shoot, check out the official... Read More
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Jan 2014 03
Continuing down memory lane, February 2013 brought us some sick footage and a couple dope interviews with two CCS team riders. Skatemafia put together a dope Trick Mix clip for us at San Diego’s Logan Memorial park, David Gonzalez told us... Read More
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Jan 2014 02
Looking back at 2013, CCS started the year off with a pretty big bang. In no particular order, here are three of our favorite blog posts from January 2013: Beagle breaking down southern rap; going behind the scenes with Van Styles on a shoot for... Read More
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Jan 2014 02
Update: AVAILABLE NOW! As you should never judge a book by its cover, the same can be said for judging a skate shoe by its silhouette. Case in point- the Lunar One Shot by Nike SB. What appears to be an incredibly simple silhouette, is... Read More
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Jan 2014 01
This year was an incredible year for us, we worked with some many rad companies and riders. Check out our best of 2013 Trick Mix featuring : Paul Rodriguez, Shane O'neill, Ryan Gallant, Tommy Sandoval. Cario Foster, David Gonzalez, Dustin Dollin,... Read More
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Jan 2014 01
The premier destination for skateboard and snowboard gear, CCS, is proud to announce the addition of 19-year-old, 4-time X-Games Gold Medalist, Nyjah Huston, to its professional team. The CCS Team is home to some of the best pro skateboarders on... Read More
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Dec 2014 31
As we say goodbye to 2013, why not say hello to 2014 decked out in new gear from head to toe, and with a fresh new board in hand? We’ve got goods from the best brands- like Diamond Supply Co., Brixton, Nike SB, and Plan B- to get your year... Read More
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Dec 2013 28
Deathwish Co-owner Erik Ellington stepped out of the office to help give you some pointers on the ollie impossible. Check out Erik's latest part in "The Deathwish Video ". Head on over to the CCS SHOP to check out some of the newestt goods from... Read More
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Dec 2013 28
The new year is almost here, so why not ring it in with some new kicks? Whether it’s skate shoes you’re looking for, or lifestyle shoes, the CCS Shop has got your dogs covered, and by all the hot brands from throughout the year- Nike... Read More
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Dec 2013 27
2013 has been one hell of a year for skateboarding. This year saw it’s fair share of groundbreaking video parts, industry shakeups, and new pros unwrapping boards with their names on them. Take a scroll through a quick rehash of the year... Read More
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Dec 2013 26
CCS and Emerica Pro Brandon Westgate’s brand of skateboarding is in a league of it’s own. The Westgate style is a potent cocktail of power, coupled with blazing speed and massive pop. We recently caught up with Westgate and bombarded... Read More
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Dec 2013 25
We put together a Holiday Trick Mix with Zero skatebaords heavy hitter, Tommy Sandoval. Watch him skate around San Diego's newest skate park located in Carlsbad, CA, get stoked and then head out the door to try out all your new Christmas gear! If... Read More
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Dec 2013 25
The one and only Lizard King took us on a guided tour through the infamous BakerBoys Distribution office, home to Baker skateboards, Deathwish skateboards, Brigada Eyewear, Shake Junt, Vol 4 and Heroin skateboards.Check out the CCS SHOP to... Read More
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Dec 2013 24
Every single time KR3W street murderer Windsor James steps onto his skateboard he continues to prove that he’s on a whole other level than the rest of us mortals. We recently caught up with Windsor as he was checking out at Home Depot and... Read More
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Dec 2013 23
It’s crunch time this gift giving season, and we all know nothing can be more stressful than trying to pick the right gift for those special someones in our lives. Stop racking your brain, and let them decide with an E-Gift Card from CCS.... Read More
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Dec 2013 20
Besides having some serious board control and a hard charging style, it turns out House Of Marley ambassador Luis Tolentino has quite a knack for documenting his world. For this edition of Cell Phone Raid, CCS snagged Luis’s mobile device... Read More
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Dec 2013 20
Earlier this week, we highlighted a running shoe inspired skate kick, and today we’re showcasing a soccer shoe inspired skate kick- the Nike SB Lunar Gato. The Lunar Gato features a made-to-skate soccer sneaker silhouette with Nike... Read More
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Dec 2013 19
You sent in some questions for Windsor James via our instagram, @ccs_skate, and we had him answer'em. Check out the video to see if your questions got picked. Follow @ccs_skate on instagram to turn in your questions for the next episode of ASK... Read More
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Dec 2013 19
Check out the Girl Skateboards' Kaleidoskate Deck Series, featuring trippy multicolored graphics on the decks of Girl pros Mikemo Capaldi, Sean Malto, and Cory Kennedy. These prismatic designs are sure to make you shine at every session. They are... Read More
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