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Mar 2012 29
Flip's new am Oscar Meza has been on a killing spree as of late. In this special edition of Am On Rye, the young Angelino discusses his life growing up in LA, his upcoming interview in The Skateboard Mag and explains just what it's like to get a... Read More
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Mar 2012 21
Up-and-coming Flip am, Ben Nordberg, sat down with us for a quick interview about his life on tour with Flip, dealing with injury and the trials and tribulations of being a young amatuer skater out there in today's world. Here's some of what the... Read More
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Mar 2012 08
I'd like to introduce Jimmy McDonald in the latest installment of the Am on Rye series. Jimmy as you may have guessed skates for 5boro, we caught up with him to see what was happen'n. Read what he has to say. Switch Stance Backside Smith photo:... Read More
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Nov 2011 24
It’s not everyday that Flip makes additions to their already tight-knit roster. The truth is if you’re getting on Flip, you’re skating need to be beyond next level, amongst other things. Flip’s newest Am, Matt Berger,... Read More
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Sep 2011 23
Marquis Preston is the latest of a long line of killers to ride under the Foundation banner. His skateboarding is a perfect blend of the ultra steezy and the go-for-broke. Marquis’ part in Emerica’s Stay Gold is proof this kid is here... Read More
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Aug 2011 24
Over the recent years, Flip rider and Hawthorne loc-dog, Louie Lopez, has been annihilating everything in his path. Street, tranny, ledges, rails, whatever…is it’s there, Louie’s down to kill it. CCS caught up with Louie as he... Read More
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Aug 2011 12
The internet is a crazy place. Upload a video to YouTube and the potential for eye traffic is global. Derrick Wilson, DGK’s newest Am, blew up in a similar fashion. Derek dropped a part in a homie video that was so damn raw, that when the... Read More
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Jul 2011 14
Skateboarding isn’t what it used to be, mostly because so many people are ridiculously good at it nowadays. Currently, it’s rare that I trip out on how g’damned good someone is. But if you’ve ever seen Dan Plunkett skate in... Read More
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Jun 2011 01
If there was a category for Underrated Am of the Decade, Joe Tookmanian would approach the acceptance speech podium to a g’damn standing ovation. 5boro Am Joe Tookmanian has been steadily hurting spots for years now, almost exclusively... Read More
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May 2011 07
Drop in a ton of skill, sprinkle it with hella scoops of tech, toss in the willingness to jump down just about anything…hit blend, and you’ve got yourself a recipe that is Blind powerhouse Am, Kevin Romar. He’s one of the... Read More
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Mar 2011 11
Deathwish is one of those teams that’s family, through and through. And that’s why getting on is as likely as getting a flight into space. Being able to hang with the boys is only part of it. On a skateboard, you’ve got to fit... Read More
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Mar 2011 04
Welcome to Am On Rye, the newest CCS department where we focus on our favorite Ams in the game. Here we’re setting things off in proper form with Organika Am Walker Ryan…ambidexteritous ripper, higher educated chap and one of... Read More
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