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Dec 2013 20
Besides having some serious board control and a hard charging style, it turns out House Of Marley ambassador Luis Tolentino has quite a knack for documenting his world. For this edition of Cell Phone Raid, CCS snagged Luis’s mobile device... Read More
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Feb 2013 07
As 40 Years Of Santa Cruz week continues, we've got a Cell Phone Raid from Santa Cruz Pro Shuriken Shannon. Cell Phone Raids, of course, these days, are more like Instagram Raids, so sit back, relax and have a look at some buttery filtered shots... Read More
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Feb 2013 01
It's been some time since we've done a proper Cell Phone Raid here on The Corner. What better a person to re-introduce the column than DC Pro, Mike Mo? If you follow Mo's Instagram, you'll know his life is pretty much packed full of photo-worthy... Read More
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Sep 2012 05
As one of the newer ams on the prestigious Lakai team, Sebo Walker silently dominates with his sleepy, effortless approach. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, young Sebo Walker (Sky Walker? Possible graphic concept here, Hershel) is quickly... Read More
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Jul 2012 25
Want to know what the inside of Brad Staba's brain looks like? We sure do, but we're pretty sure we have a pretty good idea already based on the content of some of his Skate Mental board graphics, comedy antics and these photos which he presented... Read More
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Jul 2012 03
We see the inside of a lot of people's phones here at CCS with our weekly Cell Phone Raid column, but we've got to admit that CCS teamrider and Foundation Pro Corey Duffel has some of the more interesting flicks we've seen in a while. We found all... Read More
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Jun 2012 28
If you know Silas Baxter-Neal, you'll know that his extracuricular interests extend way beyond skateboarding. You can catch Silas hiking out in the forrest, walking his dog or out in a remote stream somewhere fishing for trout or Salmon. His home... Read More
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Jun 2012 20
Today we have a special Praxis-edition Cell Phone Raid with newly appointed Praxis Pro Karl Watson. Karl is one of the most positive dudes in pro skateboarding and his new shoe deal with the newly launched Praxis brand is the perfect fit for his... Read More
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Jun 2012 14
Neff week is in full swing here on The Corner and today we have a Cell Phone Raid from Neff founder and mastermind, Shaun Neff. Running the day-to-day operations one of the hottest skate and snowboard brands isn't always easy, but you sure do get... Read More
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Jun 2012 05
If you didn't quite make it to the elite ranks of pro skateboarders, living the life of a team manager is pretty much the next best thing. You get to travel with the team, plan epic trips, find spots, film, shoot and generally get to live the life... Read More
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May 2012 31
This week we caught up with DGK Pro Jack Curtin for some exclusive cell phone snaps. He gave us all types flicks that offer an inside look into daily life of Jack including appearances with Tony Hawk, skate life with the DGK team and family shots... Read More
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May 2012 22
One could easily argue that Alien Workshop Pro Jake Johnson is one of the more mysterious skateboarders out there. There's a ton of mystique surrounding this rarely seen East Coast ripper, but what he may lack in the public spotlight he makes up... Read More
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May 2012 17
Few skateboarders have snaps like Cliche Pro Andrew Brophy. It's almost overstated how much pop the guy has, but hey, some points are just worth hammering home especailly when it comes to monster ollies. Related closely to the wild kangaroo found... Read More
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Apr 2012 11
In celebration of the release of TransWorld SKATEboarding's latest video, The Cinematographer Project, CCS decided to reach out to a few of the great lensmen behind the productinon. We decided to dial up Analog and Gravis filmer Russell Houghten... Read More
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Apr 2012 10
It's not always easy living in the shadow of your dad, especially when your dad is Tony Hawk. But Riley has put in the work and earned his stripes fair and square. Today he rips with the same natural style and grace as his pops. As Lakai week... Read More
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Apr 2012 04
In this edition of Cell Phone Raid, we headed down to the OC to catch up with LRG pro Kelly Hart. As we suspected, we found more than a few gems in his celly. From unicycle antics at Biebel's park to epic Southern California sunsets, here's a... Read More
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Mar 2012 28
The new CCS Gear Guide dropped on Monday, and in the "Wear it Like a Pro" section Keelan is repping DGK to the fullest. While shooting him we thought we'd hit him up for a cellphone raid. Check out the flicks below. And if you haven't seen the... Read More
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Mar 2012 23
In case you haven’t seen enough amazing coverage from this year’s SXSW music festival from the good folks over at The Hundreds, we decided to hit up Bobby Hundreds himself for a special SXSW edition of Cell Phone Raid. All of Bobby and... Read More
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Feb 2012 10
Today is a very special day people. Why, you ask? Well, because today is the day we show you the results of Habitat’s Daryl Angel’s raided cell phone. It’s not everyday that the world has access to Daryl’s phone’s... Read More
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Jan 2012 31
Southern California’s own, Oscar Meza is very much on the serious come up as of late. The kid’s hard-charging style and serious board control have landed him a much coveted place on the prodigious Flip Am team. Keep your eyes trained... Read More
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Jan 2012 28
CCS team rider David Gonzalez is relentless. The Columbian mad man and resident Flip Pro annihilates every bit of terrain thrown his way. His skills on transition are just as legitimate as his tech repertoire, but you already knew that. What you... Read More
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Jan 2012 21
Flip’s blazing hot AM Curren Caples destroys everything put in front of him. Tranny or street it makes no difference to this sawed-off shredder. For this edition of Cell Phone Raid, CCS cornered Curren and nabbed the photos he’s been... Read More
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Jan 2012 20
There is a strange tension in the air that is almost palpable. Do you sense it? Perhaps because it’s an election year or but more than likely it’s because the world is anticipating the drop of DGK’s newest video. That’s... Read More
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Jan 2012 18
Our boy Jimmy Cao has been annihilating the San Diego scene forever so it was only a matter of time before he made an appearance on this blog. For this installment of Cell Phone Raid we’ve yanked the cell phone out of this SK8MAFIA... Read More
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Dec 2011 30
Louie Lopez is as about as gnarly as an AM can be. Though he’s just sixteen, this kid has been in the game for a very long time. During that time Louie has seen a lot of things and we’ve got the proof right here in this edition of Cell... Read More
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