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Dec 2012 26
It's been one hell of a year here on The Corner. In all we've posted more than 450 blog entries and over 300 original videos for CCS TV. We'll admit, it's a lot to keep up with. So in case you didn't happen to check The Corner every day this year... Read More
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Oct 2012 22
For any avid collector of rare punk records, nostalgic memorabilia or vintage motorcycles, the NorCal crib of Corey Duffel is a wonderland for all things americana. Corey's truly got it all in these departments with everything from his massive... Read More
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Oct 2012 17
In this episode of Material World we check in with Oceanside, California resident, JT Aultz, for an exclusive peek inside his skate-inspired domain. As you'll see, Real pro JT keeps it REAL (literally)— preferring his pick up and his... Read More
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Sep 2012 25
Take a look inside the Long Beach, California crib of Flip and CCS Pro David Gonzalez. As you'll see he keeps it pretty modest—surrounding himself only with possessions that matter—things like guitars, amps, drums and a ramp in the... Read More
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Jul 2012 12
As most of us here at CCS work out of New York City, the 5boro guys have always held a place near to our hearts. There's nothing like rolling out of the office after a long day at work and skating around the city with the 5boro crew. This week... Read More
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Apr 2012 19
To get the most candid of on camera interviews with pro skateboarders, sometimes it works best to inlist the help of a close friend. In this case, we sent in Almost photographer Seu Trinh to film a Material World with Cooper Wilt at his crib in... Read More
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Apr 2012 11
It's mid way through Lakai week and we're just getting warmed up. Today we present you with an exclusive look inside Brandon Biebel and company's private TF. Take a look inside as we explore the ping-pong room, the homie lounge, the basketball... Read More
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