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Sep 2013 25
As we round out of September and head into October, it's pretty close to that time of year again. The time where the weather turns cold and the snow fall starts to fall. While the mountains don't quite have powder yet, it's never to early to start... Read More
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Oct 2012 03
We've got ThirtyTwo Pro Scott Stevens in The Hot Seat this week and his visit couldn't be more timely. Snowboarding season is so close we can practically feel the cold of the mountains, but this segment isn't about the cold. The Hot Seat is all... Read More
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Sep 2012 26
It's snowboard season (well, almost) and to get you in gear for the mountain we've got all kinds of social media to keep you up to date on all the latest news, exclusive photos and video content around your favorite pros, brands and spots. You... Read More
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Sep 2012 21
As our first official snow edition of The Hot Seat, we pinned down ThirtyTwo pro Chris Grenier for a little Q&A action. We found out all kinds of juicy info including stats on his new home in New York City, his path to becoming a pro snowboarder... Read More
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Jan 2012 31
Shaun White, the superstar of halfpipe snowboarding, launched himself right into the history books with a five-peat and a perfect 100-point score at Sunday’s X Games in Colorado. The 100-pointer came during his third and final run down the... Read More
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