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Dec 2013 26
CCS and Emerica Pro Brandon Westgate’s brand of skateboarding is in a league of it’s own. The Westgate style is a potent cocktail of power, coupled with blazing speed and massive pop. We recently caught up with Westgate and bombarded... Read More
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Jun 2012 22
Bay Area skate legend Karl Watson has a new venture on the horizon—Praxis Footwear. Heading up the new brand as its marquee pro rider, street level ambassador and as a part owner, Karl now has the opportunity to continue to push his skate... Read More
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Apr 2012 13
If you've watched any Zoo York footage or any footage coming out of New York City over the last decade for that matter there's a good chance NYC videographer, RB Umali, has had his hands on it. As a local New Yorker, RB has a unique eye for the... Read More
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Apr 2012 12
As part of our ongoing investigation into the filmers behind TransWorld SKATEboarding's latest video, The Cinematographer Project, we caught up with DC filmer Chris Ray. Few filimers have pushed the genre of skate videographer with the trafectory... Read More
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Mar 2012 19
If you haven't seen the new 5boro video click here. Now that you have. Joe Tookmanian should be pretty fresh in your mind as he got the ender. Read on to find out what Joe's favorite Cigar is and what kind of random things he's seen in New York... Read More
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Mar 2012 16
Now that Ishod has made the pro ranks with Real, he's been busy as heck. We caught up with Ishod to see what his favorite food to favorite skate shoes are. Read on to see what's up! 5-0 grind. Photo: Gabe Morford What did you do with your... Read More
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Mar 2012 13
This week I have a deck from AntiHero to give away for this weeks Twitter Trivia Tuesday. While you await the questions start sharpening your AntiHero skills & watch "Beauty And The Beast 3". Follow our twitter for the questions, I will contact a... Read More
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Mar 2012 09
Shuriken Shannon is a Southern Cali, Born Bred Shredder from Ocean Beach, San Diego. I remember seeing this kid with a lil fro straight merking spots all over SD years ago, now he's all grown up and been handling it like a True Champion ever... Read More
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Mar 2012 06
Ever since the young Nyjah Huston burst onto the scene years ago he has shattered and continues to shatter all expectations. Nyjah had an absolutely massive year last year. He released the ground-breaking part, "Rise & Shine" jumped back on... Read More
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Mar 2012 02
Torey Pudwill is one complex human. Very few Pros have the winning combination of ambition and easygoingness that Torey possesses. The tycoon behind Grizzly Grip is also one of the most down to earth and kicked back humans you’ll ever meet.... Read More
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Feb 2012 02
It’s rare that a filmer reaches the level of notoriety as Shake Junt Filmer Beagle One-Ism but then again there not many filmers who have a power fro and take the hi-jinx to the level as Beagle. Don’t be fooled though, his talents run... Read More
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Jan 2012 26
Mason Merlino has been on a rampage as of lately! He pretty much came out of nowhere, within a year he’s racked up a good list of sponsors (LifeBlood, Brixton flow, Vans flow, Theeve flow, Bones flow) & released an amazing video part for the... Read More
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Jan 2012 24
Real Pro JT Aultz is gnarly! In November, during a filming mission for Osiris, JT was trying to front-board a double kinked rail and slammed his head, hard. Really hard, so hard in fact, he fractured his skull and had to be put into a medically... Read More
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Jan 2012 20
Almost’s 4-wheeled wizard, Chris Haslam, is at again. We hit the Canadian with some rapid fire what’s in this installment of “What’s What” and he came back with some serious gems of insight. Read on to find out what... Read More
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Jan 2012 18
Girl Skateboard’s Brandon Biebel is a natural. On a skateboard the man’s got eerie skill with amazing board control, he absolutely kills it at hoops, and has natural charisma for days. We caught up with the manual master, King of... Read More
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Jan 2012 17
Tyler Surrey is not to be taken lightly. The San Diego native has been crushing the scene since before he was old enough to drive. As a certified member of the Sk8Mafia Tyler was given a solid section in their self titled video and unleashed a... Read More
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Dec 2011 29
There are few Pros who are as motivated and ambitious as the great Terry Kennedy, not only does he hold down a career riding a skateboard for Baker but he’s the man behind the Fly Society and he stars in his own reality show (Being Terry... Read More
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Dec 2011 22
Almost Skateboard’s resident destroyer Lewis Marnell is a man with multiple passports, visas and a passion for shredding what ever is put in front of him. We caught up with Lewis and beat him over the head with a series of What questions in... Read More
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Dec 2011 08
Handrails, backcountry powder riding and more, Forum Pro Stevie Bell has continued to raise the bar since he arrived on the scene back in ‘05. Today, he’s one of the top dudes in the game, showing no signs of slowing things down. We... Read More
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