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Dec 2013 28
Deathwish Co-owner Erik Ellington stepped out of the office to help give you some pointers on the ollie impossible. Check out Erik's latest part in "The Deathwish Video ". Head on over to the CCS SHOP to check out some of the newestt goods from... Read More
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Dec 2013 06
A few years ago a backside tail down a seven stair rail would have been worthy of throwing into your video part, today pros like SK8MAFIA/JSLV's Larelle Grey can do them in their sleep. Hopefully watching Larelle walk you through the back tail... Read More
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Oct 2013 23
This week on Trick Tips Supra pro Keelan Dadd breaks down the fundamentals of the 360 shuv-it. This trick takes a minute to master, but looks stee as hell thrown out in a line or down some stairs. See some of the new arrivals from Supra in the... Read More
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Oct 2013 18
Brixton team rider Mason Merlino is back with another Trick Tip. This time he gives you a few pointers on one of the more stylish tranny tricks out there, the Lien Disaster. Here is some trivia for you; The Lien grab was first done by Neil... Read More
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Oct 2013 07
If you're like me you've taken a few rocketed boards up the butt while learning nollie heelflips. It doesn't feel awesome, but don't get discouraged. We brought out CCS pro Sierra Fellers to show you the proper technique for keeping your board... Read More
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Sep 2013 20
Expedition One pro Ryan Gallant is known for his smooth and effortless style which makes him the perfect professor for teaching the art of the frontside Krook. As Gallant explains, this one is all about approaching the ledge at the appropriate... Read More
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Sep 2013 19
This one has a controversial name among purists, but whatever you call it—the nollie frontside flip or the nollie half cab flip—is a critical flip trick for any skaters street repertoire. You definitely want to get your nollie flips on... Read More
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Sep 2013 18
The backside nosegrind is a must learn for any aspiring street skater, but this fundamental move can be a little tricky and (sticky) at first. That's why DGK teamrider Dane Vaughn is here to help make sense of this classic trick. You want to make... Read More
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Sep 2013 09
On deck for a Trick Tip today is Expedition am Kelly Hart explaining the ever popular switch kickflip. Like all successfully executed tricks, the switch flip begins with proper foot placement. Keep your back foot in the pocket—not hanging... Read More
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Sep 2013 05
Made popular by early tranny rippers like Dan Drehobl, the backside bonesless to fakie is a great trick to have in your quiver if you're serious about ruling the ramp. CCS Am Mason Merlino explains the ins and outs on this one in this latest Trick... Read More
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Aug 2013 29
The Back Smith is simply a must have for any street skater's arsenal of tricks. Made popular by vert pro Monty Nolder in the 1980s, the backsmith has long been revered for its sleek and stylish look on both tranny and street. Take a gander as CCS... Read More
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Aug 2013 27
The backside noseblunt slide is one of the crown jewels of the blunt family. Drawing on concepts used in backside and frontside noseblunts as well as backside lipslides, this trick isn't always an easy one to learn which is why CCS, Habitat and... Read More
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Aug 2013 22
Lakai am Jon Sciano is on deck today to explain the details behind executing a proper backside 180 nosegrind. Like all tricks, that BS180NG is all about starting with the proper foot placement. The second element of this one is speed. As Jon says,... Read More
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Aug 2013 20
Here's an impressive looking one. The backside noseblunt is arguably one of the coolest looking tricks on a miniramp and it's slide version on street is equally as steezy. Here to unravel the myths behind this one is Lakai Am Sebo Walker who makes... Read More
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Aug 2013 12
CCS Trick Tips usually feature pros and ams breaking down some of the more fundamental tricks out there, but this one is not that. The nollie flip krooked grind is definitely a more advanced trick, but Am Project rider Mike Piwowar explains it in... Read More
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Aug 2013 02
Up this week for a Trick Tip is Cons pro Raymond Molinar breaking down the science behind kickflip noseslides. So many tricks rely on a successful approach and the kickflip noseslide is no different. As Ramond says, it's important to approach this... Read More
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Jul 2013 30
Up today for Trick Tip on CCSTV is Cons Pro Kenny Anderson to explain the secrets behind sticking the perfect backside tailslide. The backside tailslide is a foundational trick that you can easily build off of, but it can sometimes be pretty... Read More
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Jul 2013 16
Here today to explain the finer points behind the nollie backside flip is Santa Cruz, Independent and Ipath pro Shuriken Shannon. As a skatepark and street flip trick essential, the nollie backside flip is a key component for anyone's flatground... Read More
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Jul 2013 08
When it comes to learning new tricks, it would be hard to find a better instructor than Paul Rodriguez. P.Rod has a well deserved reputation as one of the most consistent skaters around—making his techniques and approaches to tricks... Read More
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Jul 2013 03
Coming correct with this week's Trick Tip is SUPRA pro Kevin Romar to break down the technique behind the pop-shuvit. It doesn't get much more basic than the pop-shuv, but as any pro skater will tell you—having a strong foundation in the... Read More
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Jun 2013 19
If there was ever a skater to take front bluntslides tips on it's Nyjah Huston. Whether he's taking one down a massive handrail or cranking them out on the local park ledge, Nyjah has the front bluntslide on lock in a way that few do. The best way... Read More
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Jun 2013 04
Here's a pretty basic, but extremely important trick for every skater to have in their flatbar arsenal—the front feeble. Using a technique similar to what's applied in a backside feeble, the front feeble is all about leaning back and finding... Read More
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May 2013 18
We're big fans of San Diego's own Jimmy Cao here at CCS and today we have a Trick Tip from @caobron himself. Sometimes it's good to get back to basics and Jimmy isn't scared to break down some skate park fundamentals. Watch and learn as he breaks... Read More
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May 2013 10
Breaking down the ancient secrets behind the switch front board is Vans Pro, Daniel Lutheran. You obviously want to have your regular front boards and backlips dialed in before attempting the switch front board, but once you do here are a few tips... Read More
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Apr 2013 24
No bag of legde tricks is complete without the ever-important nollie crooked grind and here to break it all down for you is SUPRA Am Nick Tucker. As Nick says, this one is all about proper foot placement. Keep that front foot in the pocket that's... Read More
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