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Jan 2014 06
We sat down with the new CCS team rider Nyjah Huston, to find out what he's riding that is helping him get so gnarly. You can head over to the CCS SHOP and pick up all of Nyjah's gear today: Asphalt Yacht Club, DC Shoes, Diamond Supply Co.,... Read More
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Sep 2013 30
Getting set up this week is none other than CCS pro Ryan Sheckler. Breaking down his ride from top to bottom, Ryan rides nothing but the best from Plan B, Independent, Spitfire, Diamond, Bones Swiss, Grizzly and etnies. Have a look as he breaks... Read More
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Sep 2013 26
CCS checked in with DGK rider Marquise Henry this week to have a look at his set up. If you know Marquise, you know he's got one of the smoothest street styles in the business and you know he's particular about what he rides. Have a look as he... Read More
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Sep 2013 13
This week we hit up tranny slayer Tom Remillard to see just exactly what's under his hood when it comes to his set up. With an assortment of product from brands like Expedition, Spitfire, Bones, Grizzly and more, Tom has all the right selections... Read More
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Mar 2013 06
CCS ventured south this week for a little sit down with Expedition pro Kelly Hart. In this edition of Get Set Up, Kelly breaks down his ride, explains why he moved up to a bigger board and generally gives us the full story behind his daily ride.... Read More
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Jan 2013 15
In this episode of Get Set Up we have Brixton am Jordan Taylor explaining the finer features of his ride. With a complete consisting of a Toy Machine Deck, Independent Trucks (wish risers) and OJ wheels, Jordan clearly keeps his rides shred ready.... Read More
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Dec 2012 25
Some of the pros we interview for Get Set Up aren't super picky about their set ups, but Zero and DC pro Chris Cole isn't one of them. Cole takes a pretty calculated approach to his ride which may in part help explain why his tricks and his... Read More
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Dec 2012 17
In this special Skater Of The Year edition of Get Set Up, we have none other than the 2012 SOTY himself, David Gonzalez, breaking down the components of his ride. Of course, David is rolling on his new Thrasher X Flip collab deck paired with some... Read More
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Dec 2012 13
With a stand-out part in DGK's new video Parental Advisory, here is DGK pro Marcus McBride explaining the set up choices that helped him get it done. Of course he rocks a DGK deck, but his specific weapon of choice is the slightly wider Lenny... Read More
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Nov 2012 15
In this edition of Get Set Up, CCS confronts Foundation and Osiris pro Corey Duffel at Tum Yeto headquarters to find out just what exactly he likes to ride when it comes to his set up. He always rocks a Foundation board, but check out the new... Read More
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Sep 2012 20
Meet Mystery Pro Jimmy Carlin who's on hand this week to explain his ride in this special edition of Get Set Up. Watch as Jimmy goes over the fine specs of his Mystery deck down to the sticker placement. Then it's on to his black Krux Trucks that... Read More
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Jul 2012 09
This week we caught up with 5Boro pro Dan Pensyl to find out exactly what it is that gives him that all terrain shredding ability he's known for. Under every great skater is a great set up and Dan is no different—sticking to a range of... Read More
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May 2012 23
If you haven't seen CCS Pro Brandon Westgate's new Emerica shoe, The Flick, click on over to the CCS shop and check it out. But for now, sit back and watch as Brandon breaks down his ride featuring product from some of the best brands in... Read More
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Apr 2012 23
Sit down with Paul Rodriguez and get set up like pro as he discusses his most current set up with the CCS cameras. See what size Plan B board he just upgraded to, check out his wheel choice, his new signature trucks from Venture, his Grizzly grip... Read More
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Mar 2012 14
CCS team rider Mark Appleyard is the next to Get Set Up. Check out what he rides. Read More
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Mar 2012 01
In this episode of Get Set Up, CCS team rider Torey Pudwill walks you through what he rides, and shows you how to properly put his set-up to good use. Read More
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