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Apr 2014 22
It’s time another fine installment of THE HOT SEAT here at the CCS corner. This time we’ve grabbed DGK technician and street killer Marquise Henry. Find out what the man who has one of the cleanest styles in the business bumps in his... Read More
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Sep 2013 27
Up this week in The Hot Seat is OG DGK pro Marcus McBride. If you know Marcus and you know DGK history, you'll know it goes way back with him and Stevie. Have a look as we grill Marcus on everything from his digs and experiences at Da Playground... Read More
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Sep 2013 17
Have a look as we sit Fallen marketing guru Mike Gilbert down in The Hot Seat for a little discussion about the company's new video, Road Less Traveled. Gilbert has been one of the creative minds behind the project from its conception all the way... Read More
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Aug 2013 29
Up this week in The Hot Seat is the always smiling Kenny Hoyle. As one of Carlsbad, California's finest exports, Kenny has logged a good bit of travel and skateboard adventure under his wheels in his years since turning pro for Expedition. Kenny... Read More
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Jul 2013 24
In The Hot Seat this week is none other than Real and Vans pro Chima Ferguson breaking it all down with openness and honesty to all the questions we could throw. From trips with Vans and his friendship with the Odd Future guys to his new pro shoe... Read More
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Jul 2013 11
In honor of the release of the P.Rod 7 from Nike SB we cornered Paul Rodriguez at his private skatepark in Southern California this week for a little Q&A session in The Hot Seat. We grilled Paul on everything from Nike's Skate Safari Barge in New... Read More
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May 2013 09
Up this week in The Hot Seat is Expedition, Supra and Primitive flow rider, Nick Tucker. Nick has been making some noise in the skate world lately and has plenty to report on. Not only is he in the van with Expedition and SUPRA, going on trips and... Read More
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Apr 2013 29
Some weeks we're lucky enough to get a legend volunteer for The Hot Seat and this week we're proud to have just that. Sitting down for a grill session is none other than Geoff Rowley who drops all kinds of insightful info including some notes on... Read More
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Mar 2013 28
As Tum Yeto Week rolls on we check in with Toy Machine Pro Matt Bennet down at the Toy Machine headquarters in San Diego for a little grill session in The Hot Seat. Matt Bennett is definitely one of those pros that seen more on the board than he... Read More
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Mar 2013 26
It's officially Tum Yeto week here on The Corner and we've got a whole grip of videos, giveaways and product features dropping from now till Friday. Kicking it all off is none other than Toy Machine Pro Johnny Layton who joined us for a quick... Read More
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Mar 2013 18
We caught up with Slash out in Austin during the SXSW Thrasher Texas Death and sat him down in The Hot Seat for a little catch up session. As if it wasn't already hot enough in Texas, Slash made the hot seat even hotter with extended discussions... Read More
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Mar 2013 07
Sitting in the Hot Seat this week is none other than the newest team edition to the Expedition squad, Tom Remillard. Tom Grom as he's sometimes and now less frequently known, let's us know exactly how he feels about his nickname, his unusual but... Read More
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Feb 2013 08
Straight out of sunny San Diego comes the always charismatic Santa Cruz pro, Shuriken Shannon. In this edition of The Hot Seat, we put Shuriken under the lamps and grilled him on topics ranging from his experiences with NHS as the company... Read More
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Jan 2013 25
In case you missed the magalog interview CCS conducted with Brandon Biebel last month, here's the live and uncut video version for your viewing pleasure. Biebel is by far one of the most charismatic skateboarders in the game and isn't at all shy... Read More
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Jan 2013 10
Up this week in The Hot Seat is none other than Zero and Fallen pro, Tommy Sandoval. A man rarely seen in front of the camera when he's not on his skateboard, Tommy Gunz was pretty revealing when it came to tackling our queries. He was confronted... Read More
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Dec 2012 24
It's been one hell of a year here on The Corner. In all we've posted more than 450 blog entries and over 300 original videos for CCS TV. We'll admit, it's a lot to keep up with. So in case you didn't happen to check The Corner every day this year... Read More
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Dec 2012 20
In yet another riveting episode of The Hot Seat we have Famous pro rider Manny Santiago to give the breakdown on all sorts of items ranging from his thoughts on Famous Stars & Straps, his MSA label, his favorite quotes from Famous TM Felix... Read More
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Dec 2012 20
Back again on The Corner this month is none other than Baker and Emerica pro Bryan Herman who we sat down in The Hot Seat for some light interrogation. Speaking on a range of topics, Herman has obviously been busy this year. From Bake And Destroy... Read More
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Dec 2012 11
In honor of the release of DGK's first full length video, Parental Advisory, CCS caught up with DGK Pro Rodrigo TX and sat him down in The Hot Seat inside the DGK penthouse in downtown LA for a little questioning. He divulged information on a... Read More
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Dec 2012 10
A staunch contendor in the 2012 Thrasher Skater Of The Year race, Justin "Figgy" Figueroa had a hell of a year. With a stand out part in Baker's latest, riot-inducing production, Bake And Destroy, plenty of editorial coverage and even a new... Read More
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Nov 2012 14
The world premiere of Girl and Chocolate's long awaited video, Pretty Sweet, is only two short days away. In honor of its upcoming release, CCS caught up with one of the most OG members of the Girl and Chocolate camp—the one and only,... Read More
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Nov 2012 09
This week in The Hot Seat we have PUMA and Cliche Pro Joey Brezinski who gives us some pretty honest answers to some pretty probing questions. CCS cornered him on a range of topics including his new bearing company with Paul Rodriguez, his... Read More
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Oct 2012 25
In this special Osiris edition of The Hot Seat, Corey Duffel gives an inside perspective on the upcoming Osiris video, Never Gets Old. Listen as Corey shares his thoughts and breaks down how he really feels about some of his teammates at Osiris.... Read More
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Oct 2012 02
Here's Zoo York Pro Chaz Ortiz back again in the CCS Heat Seat. His last sitting went so well that we decided to invite him back for more, only this time he explains exactly what, how and why his first line in his latest video from Zoo York, The... Read More
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Sep 2012 27
As David Gonzalez week rolls on here on The Corner, you knew we'd have to sit him down in The Hot Seat for some hard questioning. We caught up with him in his home town of Long Beach and asked him everything from his thoughts on what makes a SOTY,... Read More
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