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wat ANIME deck would u get if they made them? Either Goku going Super Sayian or Heero Yuy's Wing Gundam Zero from Gundam Wing. 17 Replies
these points, for serving? i have a 1100 points , for serving? 0 Replies
is nyjah huston an overachiever? skaters like nyjah an ryan sheckz r really basic skatersthe fact that its 2014 an someone created a site called youtube should have gave way to the truth to ppl who look up to... 7 Replies
wat ANIME deck would u get if they made them? i want sum one to make a looney tunes vs the Monst@rs deck, from the movie space jam 17 Replies
Customer Support Praise CCS WAS AMAZING! I ordered one day shipping at 10 a.m. Thursday and the order said it wouldn't be here till Monday evening, so they refunded me my shipping cost. I appreciate... 0 Replies
Pillability youtube channel ive been making skate videos for 4 years and just trying to get my channel out there. i come from a small town and just moved to a big one so im hoping to take a big step... 0 Replies
contest entry help me out with a vote. thanks, homies!! 0 Replies
Which Shoes? I am hoping to buy a skate shoe that will last longer than the avergage one, that has great protection without sacrificing boardfeel. I've narrowed it down to the Marana, Marana... 0 Replies
New Streetwear Company!!!!!! Hey Guys! Theres a great new street wear company out now that sells their product for super cheap and their stuff is actually pretty dope!! Go check them out at... 0 Replies
Who else got screwed out of there Tiffany Dunks from CCS? the same thing happened to me before 1 Replies
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