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Who else got screwed out of there Tiffany...
6 months ago  ::  Mar 19, 2014 - 1:52AM #1
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To the Mangement of CCS,

The morning of February 8th I was one of the lucky ones who was able to place a Order for the Tiffany dunk Hi's size 13. I expected to recieve the product maybe a week after placing my order. A day or two later I checked my order status to see that they were back ordered til the 10th. I called that same day. I talked to a respective in your office who told me that the shoes had not come from the manufacturer but that they had a pair reserved for me. After not seeing an update on the 10th I called again to hear that the manufacture had delayed their order. And I need not worry that my shoes where reserved for me. Maybe about the 14th I called to find out that the shipment of Tiffany dunks would be there the 28th, and once again I asked "So I need not worry about getting my order" I was told that there was a pair with my name on it. And not to worry about it. Now the 28th has come and you guys have canceled my order. I've been waiting since the 8th for a pair of shoes that never came and sound like never will. I'm beyond upset with how I was promised a pair for the last 20 days and now I'm going to have to hunt for my own on a secondly market which will not be cheap. CCS left me up the creek without a paddle. I made sure everytime I called to ask "So the item is still coming" and everytime I called a was reassured not to worry that there was a pair with my name on it. Since the 8th I must of called the 800 number 5 times to check up on order status as well as watch my order on your website. Just like what I said everytime I called I was told I had a pair and that the warehouse had just not received them yet. I feel like CCS owes me a pair Of Tiffany dunks size 13, In the after market right now I'm looking at spending anywhere from $ 300-400 for a pair of shoes that I've been told for close to the last month that was "On it's way to me" Again I can't even began to express the disappointment when I looked up my order status to see it was Canceled. I called and talked to Paul Jimenez tonight, I was offered a 40 gift card, but to be honest All I want is the pair of shoes that were promised to me for the last month.... Here is my order number please do the right thing and get me pair.
6 months ago  ::  Mar 20, 2014 - 1:59PM #2
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the same thing happened to me before

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