Mark Appleyard
    Lifetime Points: 1420
    Setup 8" Element board, Thunder Trucks, Autobahn Wheels
    Stance Goofy
    Residence Huntington Beach, CA
    • Element

    • Globe

    • Thunder

    • Volcom
    About Me D.O.B: November 11th, 1982

    Setup: 8" Element board

    Stance: Goofy

    Skateboarding Since: 10 years old

    Favorite Skaters: the Gonz, Stevie Williams, and Cardiel

    Music: Bob Dylan, Bob Marley (The 2 Bobs)

    Last Words: I hope I get to live at least until 50

    Sponsors: Element, Volcom, Autobahn, Thunder, Globe, CCS
    Interest Skateboarder

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