My wife Katelyn, Skateboarding, Filming and Work. The main things i have going on in my life. I like to do anything outside, fishing, all sports. I've been skating ever since i could walk. My dad used to pack my skateboard with us everywhere because i would throw a fit if i didnt have it with. Even when we would go camping. Haha. Passion for life!!! I love food, i'll basically eat anything. Im not picky. My goals in life... To provide for my wife and my two cats, Pancho and Bingley, and to stay positive and continue to progress in all aspects of life. Shout outs to Mom and Dad, Benny and Todd Mitchel, Todd and Heidi , Jonas and the whole Dizm family, Brennan Conroy, Jamie Gathard and Lars Reber. Without all them i wouldn't be where i am today. Inspirational people. SICK!!!

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