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    I love to skateboard. Skating is my life other than school. :/ But, until then I wanna become pro and make me dreams a reality and make reality my dream. Im 12 years old and my role model is Sean Malto. #Kansas City Rolyals!! Right now I skate a Real board, with Royal trucks. My wheels are bones dead heads with Bones REDS bearings. I was inspired to skate because of my dad and uncle. My uncle was a pro too, "back in the day" 8) His name is Jun Orlanes, he was sponsored by Girl Skatebboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder trucks, and Bones bearings. All his sponsors are my dream sponsor. I know that if I keep practicing I will get better and become as good as him and maybe even better. My friends are my family and they are the ones who push me and keep out skating. Thats all there is to know about me, if you ever need me ill be skating!

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